Суд: Найджелла Лоусон несколько лет ежедневно принимала "тяжелые" препараты

Yesterday, during a trial involving Найджеллы Lawson, it turned out that the famous chef for more than 10 years addicted to “severe” substances and prescription drugs. This statement was made by lawyers TV presenter, who tried to prove the guilt of the former associates of Saatchi – sisters Grilo fraud in the amount of 300 thousand dollars.

As testimony of a witness, the judge read out an email the former husband Lawson, Charles Saatchi that was incredibly impressed addiction stars Channel 4 and ABC. He said that Lawson speculates my addiction to blacken his former associates.

Grilo say that Найджелла itself would let them spend their money. Now its lawyers are all set as if she was okay and sisters just used her position. But I have no reason not to trust them.

Let’s remind, divorce, Charles Saatchi and Найджеллы Lawson was preceded by a scandal. Press photographed public quarrel pair on the veranda of their favorite restaurants. According to eyewitnesses, in one of the moments Saatchi started to strangle his wife.

Quarrel Найджелы Lawson with Charles Saatchi


After the scandal in the press, Saatchi tried to justify himself. He said that strangulation was only a joke, and his wife was crying just because that just doesn’t like quarrels. Nigel refused from any comments the incident.



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