Состояние Михаэля Шумахера осложнилось пневмонией

The famous German racer Michael Schumacher already a month and a half is coma. According to the latest data, the athlete complicates the recently discovered new disease – inflammation of the lungs.

As stated by European sources, the doctors decided to treat Michael antibiotics to win pneumonia. Medication may suspend the process of deducing Schumacher from the artificial coma, which Dr. started at the end of January.

Specialists say that pneumonia is often observed in patients in a state of artificial coma.

Pneumonia is a serious infection that arises due to the fact that the human body is weakened and is not getting enough oxygen. In the case of Schumacher, pneumonia could start due to the accumulation of sputum in the patient’s throat. Trachea athlete is a special tubing, which prevents sputum removal

Recall racer of “Formula-1” received head injury while riding in the French Alps before the New year, and was hospitalized. A few weeks ago there appeared information that Michael went on the mend.

состояние михаэля шумахера осложняет начавшаяся пневмония
In Michael Schumacher were diagnosed with pneumonia

выведение михаэля шумахера из комы приостановлено
Excretion of Michael Schumacher from the coma suspended

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