A spoon nail called fairly common anomaly of growth of the nail plate, which may indicate the presence of any disease of internal organs. The concave shape of the nail may develop as a result of injury, but most often it’s just one of the symptoms of dysfunction of the individual organ or entire systems.

The concave shape of the nails is accompanied by the gradual thinning of the Horny plate, causing it to become brittle, delaminate or peel off. Causes of the anomalies are quite many, first of all, it can be attributed to injury, which often grow nails concave shape. Of course, the injury hurts, but other causes of a painful syndrome is absent, the claw just gets aesthetically unsightly.

The disease, which can lead to koilonychia: systemic lupus erythematosus, pathology of thyroid, infectious processes occurring for a long time. Simultaneously, it is worth remembering that legkoobratimy mind Horny plate is able to lead a normal anemia in which the body does not receive the necessary amount of iron. If the woman appeared deformed, concave or flat nails, cause most contributing to this lack of protection on the hands when using household chemicals. So always warn ladies keen on housework, on the need to use rubber gloves and protective cosmetic products. By the way, often spoon nail is a congenital abnormality of the structure of the nail and diagnosed in the newborn infant during the first 2 weeks.

Sometimes pathology may be so small that it is difficult to see with the naked eye, especially if there is no delamination and peeling. In this case, you can conduct your own diagnostics, placing the hand so that the nail was in the horizontal plane, and dropping on the plate 1-2 drops of water. If there is no deviation in the formation of the plate does not exist, the drop will flow when there is a defect, the water simply going in invisible to the eye of the recess.

Differencebut pathology in 2 stages: the first appears flattening plate, and then it becomes concave, the second raised edge of the nail and the Horny layer takes the shape of a spoon. As soon as the first signs of koilonychia, it is desirable to be diagnosed with the involvement of a hematologist and an endocrinologist to identify what was the cause of the defect and begin treatment.

The treatment program varies greatly depending on the causes in iron deficiency it is necessary to adjust diet, take vitamin-mineral complexes, in the presence of diseases of the endocrine system prescribe hormones. Often to cope with the spoon nail ladies trying on their own, using for the treatment of 1% 5-fluorouracil diluted in etilendiamin glycol. However, it is quite risky method as the proportions of the solution are chosen spontaneously, the duration of treatment is not established and the consequences of such performances can be serious. Therefore, in any case, even if spoon nail, is a problem, not a symptom of diseases of the internal organ to engage in experiments is not recommended. Your doctor will tell you what method of healing is better to adhere to and provide recommendations for the care of nails to prevent the defect in future.

To prevent the development of the defect is much easier than later to take his medication, visiting health centers, figuring out the cause of the symptom. Therefore, you should pay more attention to their own health, to protect their hands from the aggressive effects of household chemicals, eat right.

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