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Британец пожаловался в соцсети на своего начальника за то, что тот не разрешил ему приходить на работу с макияжем

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This week, the British boy asked for support to users Facebook, sharing community Spotted Portsmouth on the anonymity of its history. The fact that the young man had a conflict with the new leadership on the basis of… makeup.

I’ve been working here for 8-9 months and never got reprimanded for what was done before. Some leaders even supported me and made me compliments. The company does not have any policy on this matter. Moreover, many of my female colleagues daily wear on your face more makeup than I do. However, the new leader gave me a note and asked to wash off makeup. I was in shock, emotionally explained the problem of mislaying your name a UK resident.

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The employee regarded the words of the chief as a manifestation of discrimination and began to argue in my defense.

I felt that this is discrimination. Not going to remove makeup when colleagues can walk with him. Could understand the head, if my hair was red, like his other subordinates. Perhaps I would have agreed with him if my eyes were announced bright blue pencil as some of our office. I would understand it if it was on a bright green lipstick, – continued to complain about the Facebook user.

The Briton added to his story in the his make-up that have disturbed the peace not only in the workplace but also in the online community, causing more than two thousand responses.

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