It is hard to imagine Russian winter without warm clothes. In 2017 in Vogue a down jackets different styles. Quilted models are now at the peak of popularity. For a fashionable image during the winter time of the year you should try to choose a trendy jacket, suitable shape and warm in winter. In 2017, you should give preference to models oversized. Form-fitting silhouettes now the reverse trend. Voluminous down jackets can be in various colors. If you like bright colors, this winter you can buy a down jacket yellow, silver, gold, or orange flowers. Even in the frosty and gloomy day you will be a shining silhouette of a warm summer. To create a fashionable winter outfit, you need to know which models are considered antithrombine:

  • rhinestones and flashy accessories. Such a product with massive decoration will be more fashionable article of clothing, and the market glamour;
  • jacket white with black finishes. In the winter the contrast of black and white looks too bulky;
  • the fitted style. If you want to avoid a fashion failure, not worth buying a familiar, close-fitting jacket;
  • the model with the belt. The elastic waist has long gone into oblivion. Certainly not belting voluminous outerwear;
  • the combination of jacket and shoes with heels. A rather provincial way, and a bad idea for cold weather with sleet. To combine winter coat is best with shoes, kriparam or boots-Chelsea.

If you have some items from this list, it is better to postpone for another time.

Current models 2017-2018

Down jacket in the color metallic is the fashion trend in 2017-2018. A long-forgotten metal shade revived on the catwalks this year. This jacket will make you the star of street fashion, especially in combination with jeans with jagged edges and velvet suits in pajama style.

Orange down jacket. An unusual hue for your winter outerwear will not leave you unnoticed. This warm color will add some seasonal sadness wet snowy gray streets of the city. Puffer jacket in orange shade goes well with jeans, sports suits and even dresses.

Down jacket asymmetrical cut. Like outerwear to replace the boring straight cuts and will add variety to your everyday wardrobe. To combine asymmetric down jacket can be with any clothes.

Jacket-blanket. This trend came to us last season, and remains popular to this day. These things are insanely comfortable and warm, the best outerwear for winter and you can imagine.

Pastel shades are also in the lead on the fashion catwalks. Muted tones never in demand in winter, as we tend to wear dark colors. If you like experiments and want to stand out from the crowd, feel free to buy a down jacket pastel shade.

Outerwear from Moncler and Canada goose

All the well-known firm in Montclair this year released the latest models of his famous jackets in unusual colours and original shapes. Moncler jackets quilted brand stand out styles that are so popular in the 2017-2018 year. These jackets not only keep you warm cold but also make a trendy fashionista in the 2017-2018 winter season. Moncler jackets occupy a leading position in sales, as the quality products of this brand have conquered the hearts of fashionistas around the world.

Outerwear Canada goose is known for its unmatched quality and style. This canadian brand has released a gorgeous collection of jackets and outerwear in 2017. Jackets Canada goose rectangular silhouette, quilted cover are an indispensable part of the basic wardrobe in the winter time, if you value warmth and comfort.

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