With the problem of hair loss sooner or later face all. In the norm, if one day you on the comb remains to 100 hairs, if more people face the problem. Causes of hair loss are many: from hormonal changes in the organism to stress and unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore eliminate this problem must be from the inside, and not rarely start with a consultation with трихологом. However, there are a number of cosmetic means of improving the condition of the hair and partially solve the problem of their loss. I WANT to have prepared a selection of the most effective.

Lotion-concentrate from hair loss Anastim from Ducray

The tool is intended for treatment of the reaction of hair loss, i.e., that was caused by stress, emotional experience, childbirth, fatigue, diets or change of season. Thanks to the unique formula lotion-concentrate Anastim slows down hair loss, strengthens them, stimulates growth and cell metabolism. The approximate cost is UAH 500.

Active tool for the growth of new hair Dercos Neogenic from Vichy

Tool increases the number of new hair, awakens the dormant hair follicles, and thickens the rod of the hair. Recommended for use when reducing the thickness of hair, thinning hair due to a sustained drop, with a progressive loss, displacement of the line of hair growth, hair loss at the crown. Suitable for both women and men. Does not irritate sensitive skin of the head. Approximate cost – 610 UAH (14 vials).

Vegetable spray Phyto Intensive with the placenta against hair loss from Alloton

Thanks to the active components in the structure of the tool blocks hair loss, significantly improves the condition of the hair and scalp, as well as капилляирной system, restores their growth and natural flexibility. The approximate cost is UAH 129.

Shampoo for hair loss from Fitoval

Shampoo is recommended when excessive loss of hair and a violation of their growth. With regular use, within 2-3 months tool stimulates hair growth, strengthens thin, brittle and weak hair, and consequently, increase of their volume. The approximate cost is 70 UAH.

Burdock against hair loss from Home Doctor

One of the most common home recipes for hair loss is rubbing burdock oil into the scalp. Burdock oil is quickly absorbed and stops weakened hair loss. In addition, it makes the hair more alive, shiny and strong. The main thing – to use regularly and then the result will not wait. Approximate cost 10 UAH.

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