Лучшие образы Натальи Водяновой во время беременности

5 November it became known that Natalia Vodianova again pregnant – already in the fourth time (she confirmed this in his Facebook). However, this fact does not affect the appearance of the model and the founder of the Fund “Naked heart”.

Even in a “delicate situation” Natasha dressed creatively and effectively, with all his views showing that the expectation of the child is not a reason to stay indoors and to indulge in entertainment. Mannequin is not afraid of bright colors, complex shapes and bright decor, experimenting with their own style.

During pregnancy Vodianova prefers сарафанам with thin straps and dresses MIDI-length, however, she is not averse to show their slender legs that look skinnier in shoes with heels, from which our heroine refuses even when on the last stage (of course, solely on “gala” images” – beyond the red carpet Russian prefers comfortable pair on a flat course).

As the father of the child Natalia Vodianova is Antoine Arnault, the son of the owner of the Empire LVMH, we can assume that in the coming months, we should admire the mother-to-be-wearing Dior, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy. However, no doubt that his darling Stella McCartney, Natasha is unlikely to change.

Наталья Водянова беременна
Natalia Vodianova during the second pregnancy, 2005

Беременная модель Наталья Водянова

Наталья Водянова беременна

Наталья Водянова во время беременности
Natalia Vodianova during the third pregnancy, 2006

Беременность Натальи Водяновой
So mannequin looked in early pregnancy

Модель Наталья Водянова беременна

Наталья Водянова в розовом платье

Наталья Водянова в красном платье

Наталья Водянова в период беремнности

Беременность основательницы фонда "Обнаженные сердца" Натальи Водяновой

Беременная модель Наталья Водянова

Беременная топ-модель Наталья Водянова
Natalia Vodianova during her fourth pregnancy, 2013

Наталья Водянова беременная четвертый раз

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