Keratin is a protein that is one of the most important building components for hair and nails. Our hair 95% are made up of keratin, therefore deficiency is the cause of such problems with hair like the hair dry and brittle.

Last time, the means of hair keratin are becoming more popular, and this is not surprising, because thanks to them the hair healthy, beautiful and elastic. Today in the compilation WANT the best shampoos, conditioners, masks and laying funds with keratin.

Line on care forhair Pro-Keratin Refill from L’oreal Professionnel

The brand L’oreal Professionnel you can find a full range of hair with keratin. It includes protective and restorative shampoo, conditioner, mask, leave-in cream and special care, which strengthens the damaged hair. The brand is especially recommend the use of this series in winter, when your hair is exposed to negative influence of the weather conditions. Keratin in the composition of these funds deeply penetrates deep into the hair and strengthens its structure. Studies have shown that using this line, hair 70% become less brittle and fragile.

Approximate cost: shampoo – 100 UAH, air conditioning – 120 UAH, mask – 260 UAH.

Line «Extreme recovery» from GlissKur

Brand GlissKur included this complex with liquid keratin in all of their funds without exception. Recall that the brand has 15 lines for all types of hair and wishes, and all the products contained liquid keratin, who cares about the health and beauty of your hair. From all this diversity would like to highlight a line of «Extreme recovery.» It is interesting for all of its products contain triple concentrations of liquid keratin, due to which even heavily damaged hair instantly transformed.

Approximate cost: shampoo – 25 UAH, air conditioning – 25 UAH, mask – 40 UAH.

Line Spectacular volume» from the Nivea

In line Spectacular volume» includes four funds: shampoo, conditioner, lacquer and mousse. All products contain liquid keratin, give the hair volume additional and make them soft.

Approximate cost: shampoo and conditioner – 25 UAH.

LineSimon Dixidon Deluxe Keratin from DSD de Luxe

DSD de Luxe is a professional brand for hair treatment. Her line with keratin Simon Dixidon Deluxe Keratin is one of the most effective, as it has a wide range of actions. The line includes shampoo, conditioner, mask and care. All funds simultaneously improve the condition and stimulate hair growth. In addition, your hair get the additional volume, brilliance and strength. The composition of the products Simon Dixidon Deluxe Keratin is unique not only in the presence of keratin, but also other useful substances, such as proteins, group vitamins In, collagen, panthenol and others.

Approximate cost: shampoo – 400 UAH, air conditioning – 400 UAH, mask – 600 UAH.

Line Keratin Complex from Taft

At the brand Taft you can find a whole range of styling products with liquid keratin for weak and damaged hair. In line Keratin Complex includes different degree of fixation: a strong and сверхсильной. Varnishes and foams in this series provide long hair styling, protecting it from adverse weather and sticking them together.

Approximate cost: UAH 25

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