Henna is the dried leaves of the shrub of lawsonite. Medicinal properties of this plant was known and actively used in hair care products since ancient times.

Henna has a firming effect, eliminates dandruff, makes hair strong, lush and shiny. Today, many cosmetic companies use this ingredient in means on care of hair. WANT offers you a selection of the best products on the basis of henna.

Solid shampoo «Reincarnation» from Lush

This natural shampoo effectively strengthens hair and heals the scalp. In its structure you will find extracts Oriental herbs, clay, orange oil and red henna. The tool is intended for dark and dyed hair. Approximate cost is 75 UAH.

Line of hair care «Henna» from STYX

Austrian pharmacy brand STYX in your Arsenal is a line of hair care products on the basis of henna, which includes shampoo and balsam. Funds perfectly nourish the scalp, stimulates the microcirculation, increases the elasticity and strength of hair. Your curls will be strong, healthy and will grow rapidly. The approximate cost of funds – 145 UAH.

Shampoo for volume Henna from Sante Naturkosmetik

Organic brand Sante Naturkosmetik offers its own version of shampoo on the basis of henna. Henna in the tool perfectly nourishes and strengthens the hair roots, regenerates the keratin layer and eliminates itching of the scalp. Also in structure you will find honey, beer and leaf extract the true Indigo. Complex influence of these components gives the hair a chic volume, elasticity and attractive Shine. This tool is certified by the international экоорганизация, such as : BDIH and NaTrue. Free of parabens, petrochemicals, EDTA, SLS, synthetic dyes and flavorings. Approximate cost – 67 UAH.

Shampoo and conditioner «the Mystery of dark hair» from Timotei

Funds from the line of «the Mystery of dark hair» emphasize depth of shades of dark hair and give them a healthy and radiant. Special formula with the extract of leaves of henna and argan oil will make your hair healthy, soft and shiny. Approximate cost is 25 UAH.

The Henna-Argan from Camille ‘albane

Professional French brand for hair Camille’albane has a full line of products based henna and argan oil to give it. The lineup includes shampoo, conditioner, lotion and spray. By means there is still green tea extract, panthenol, vitamin E and water-soluble silicone. All this together perfectly moisturizes and restores hair, adds volume, Shine, strength and tone. Approximate cost is UAH 250.

Shampoo for natural and dyed brunettes from Lee Stafford

This moisturizing shampoo, which effectively restores hair. The tool perfectly underscore the depth and warmth of dark tints. Contains ультрафильтр, which protects the hair from negative influence of the environment. In the present composition of the fruit walnut, Moringa seeds and henna. Approximate cost is 95 UAH.

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