This week in the Russian rolling out at once three long-awaited cartoons!

I do not know how you will be torn between these three really worthy works of children and parents. We also difficult to allocate among them the favorite. But we try to tell about these projects, so as to Orient our young spectators and their mothers and fathers.

«Justin and the knights of valor»

Джастин и рыцари доблестиOne of the notorious presentations of the last days was connected with the forthcoming premiere of the Spanish movie «Justin and the knights of valor.

Now the animated cartoon in Moscow came themselves Antonio Banderas, who made one of the heroes of the epic cartoon. Of course, the name of Antonio Banderas in the bill will attract in cinemas adult viewers. Children’s worth looking at the wonderful work of Spanish multipliers. The main hero – Justin, dreams of becoming a knight, as his grandfather. And on this difficult way, he will fight with modern technological dragon and he will learn to understand who really deserves the honor to be called a friend. Fascinating travel bright, original, funny dialogues and full of secrets and mysteries of the plot will appreciate the audience of all ages! And among all great animated films year, the forthcoming premiere deserves attention.

How to catch a feather of Firebird»

Перо жар птицыThis tale is particularly important for the youngest audience. Cartoon based on Russian fairy tales as you cannot easier and easier to stand. Let’s not wait for the original tale. You will see a free interpretation of the plot. But this cartoon only wins. In the spirit of modern fantasy film is a good, bright and cheerful tale takes us to the magical world where the wolf is not a dangerous and evil, and loyal aide Ivan tsarevitch. And where there is a fabulous modern Elena the fair will show real, practically business acumen in solving all the problems)

The last week of October truly generous for a variety of animated premiere. Closes our story of the beautiful and exciting American cartoon.

Cloudy, precipitations are possible: Revenge of GMOs»

Облачно, возможны осадки: Месть ГМОThis cartoon is mostly for schoolchildren. Because of its producers in one voice to warn that the cartoon was conceived as a farce with elements of parody of horror movies. Yes, and the story of the cartoon affects not problems of children. The hapless Professor who in the first part of the cartoon created a machine for the production of hybrid plants discovers that his infernal construction started up again! And flint, the main character of the cartoon, again calling up his command to save all living beings from enchantment hybrid creatures.

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