Лучшие и худшие наряды 2013 по версии Time

The results of all the high-profile annual awards announced, the most expected social events were held this year. It’s time to see, than had celebrity score on the red carpet. SPLETNIK.RU prepared for you two rankings – the most stylish and Frank flops images.

The only man who brought these ratings, became Channing Tatum – with of course the winning onion in a tuxedo from Gucci. Among the most stylish also managed to “light up” Mariah Carey with a broken arm and forever young Joan Fund. In the “worst” this time got Justin Bieber, Anne Hathaway and Kim Kardashian.

Let’s start with the most successful images:

10. Solange Knowles in Michael Kors

Younger sister of Beyonce definitely knows a lot about style. Black-and-white mix of classic shirt and jacket from Michael Kors Solange diluted “the cloud” trousers.

best dress
Solange Knowles

9. Channing Tatum in Gucci

The only man in this stylish list – Channing Tatum. No surprises there, tuxedo from Gucci he really is.

best dress
Channing Tatum

8. Selena Gomez in the Versace Atelier

Selena Gomez not so long ago replaced teenage clothes elegant dresses, but the choice is definitely good.

best dress
Selena Gomez

7. Stylish gypsum Mariah Carey

On a summer premiere of the film “the Butler” Mariah Carey appeared with загипсованной hand, however, this did not prevent it look stylish. Distinctive feature of this lady – beat weaknesses into strengths.

best dress
Mariah Carey

6. Miley Cyrus in a Marc Jacobs

This year Miley Cyrus got in a both stylish list: the worst and best. If in the first led latex bikini, while in the second it hit thanks to the Marc Jacobs dress.

best dress
Miley Cyrus

5. Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen

Black dress, Alexander McQueen, in which Kate Hudson come on delivery “Golden Globe”, could not be better emphasized the dignity and hid disadvantages.
best dressKate Hudson
4. Joan Fund in the Versace Atelier
Few manage to 75 years look like Joan Fund. And Versace Atelier dress at the award “Oscar” she gave 100 points ahead Hollywood старлеткам.
best dressJoan Fund
3. Rihanna in Azzedine Alaïa
With a fabulous dress Alaïa Rihanna got to the third place in our rating stylish. Flying silhouette and hair done gentle waves, “pay” bright color attire.

best dress

2. Kate Middleton in Emilia Wickstead

Despite the fact that the Royal family against the appropriation of Kate the title of “Princess, Duchess was already dressed like a king. At the beginning of pregnancy, she has appeared on public in a dress mint shade from Emilia Wickstead, very similar to the outfit Queen of the Netherlands.

best dress
Kate Middleton

1. Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

The absolute leader of our top was Jennifer Lawrence in Dior at the award “Oscar”. It is worth noting that each output Lawrence in the light becomes very successful.

best dress
Jennifer Lawrence

Although the red carpet celebrities prepares army of stylists, sometimes images of famous actors are speaking gently, unsuccessful. Below you can see the rating stars, obviously ошибшихся with the choice of attire in 2013.

худшие образы 2013

10. Rita Ora in Ulyana Sergienko

worst dress
Rita Ora

On the last line of our rating singer Rita Ora and it’s a peach dress from Ulyana Sergienko. Outfit appeared on the red carpet in February at the Brit Awards.

9. Keyshia in Givenchy

worst dress

The Billboard Music Awards in may, singer Keisha emerged in a very bold dress Givenchy. Bold so that the paparazzi at the sight of the girl arose only one question – where she forgot skirt?

8. Julianne Hough in Jenny Packham

worst dress
Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough the ceremony Emmy awards in September came in evening gown from Jenny Packham. Paparazzi, who photographed the girl already had time to joke that she’s just not changed after the show “Dancing with the stars.

7. Zosya Mamet in Honor

worst dress
Zosya Mamet

Actress, “woke up famous” after starring in the TV series “Girls”, the award ceremony Emmy wore a dress in the floor of Honor. His little top contrasted sharply with the voluminous skirt-bell and created an imbalance. In the press this bodice even dubbed “cartoony moustache”, which Zosia it is unknown why attached them to the chest.

6. Florence Welch in Miu Miu

worst dress
Florence Welch

Flame haired soloist of the group Florence+the Machine usually amazes the audience with their outfits in the spirit of Gothic-loli-dollars, but for the premiere of “the Great Гетсби in Cannes, she changed me. On the red carpet Florence went out in pink silk dressing gown with black polka dots. The final chord of the image will become completely unsuitable black sandals on the yellow platform.

5. Justin Bieber in a gas mask

worst dress
Justin Bieber

This image of a young pop-Prince is not even worth commenting. Claim to originality, Bieber put a gas mask on the opening of the flagship store Acne in London. The only thing thought gathered this evening, is that Justin were not youthful skin problems.

4. Z LaLa in the image of the Christmas tree star

worst dress
Z LaLa

Singer Z LaLa on the Billboard Music Awards came in the costume of a Christmas star. As she wrote on Facebook, her outfit embodied in it “the spirit of the country LaLa Land” Green Velvet. In our opinion, the singer is just not enough fame Lady Gaga, already эксплоатировавшей image Robocop-the discus thrower.

3. Anne Hathaway in Prada

worst dress
Anne Hathaway

On the red carpet of the “Oscar” Anne Hathaway wearing a pastel silk dress-column. The measure of the open, in a measure closed, it was very actress. If not one but a very thin fabric top made Hathaway nipples in the public domain. 

2. Kim Kardashian in Givenchy

worst dress
Kim Kardashian

One of the most famous fashion failures of the year was knitted dress Kim Kardashian with a colorful floral print. 

1. Miley Cyrus in latex bikini

worst dress
Miley Cyrus

On top of our anti-rating is rightfully got young провокаторша Miley Cyrus. To his 21 year she managed to evolve from a cute Schoolgirls “second Madonna” – the singer so nicknamed because of her addiction to outrageous outfits.

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