Choose a suitable coat for winter sometimes hard pressed and although much of the world fashion industry offers every season thousands of new products, I would like to choose something good and quality for more than one season. Therefore the choice should be based on the maximum according to certain requirements and conditions, and not only the style or fashion trends. Then it will serve you and to please a long time.

On the basis of which should justify the choice?

Пальто по фигуреMaximum adjustment coat on the figure allows you to create a nice effect and ensure maximum comfort. Choosing womens coats 2013 2014 winter pay special attention to that point, then coat becomes the basis of your style and create общею picture and an idea about you to others.

Paying attention to the coloring, many tend to stand out and buy a bright coats, attracting too much attention, but over time, people get tired of so intense colors, so you need to consider options with more calm tones. Such a thing will last more than one season and under it will be much easier to pick up accessories.

If you are preparing to purchase, be sure to note the cashmere coats wholesale and retail this is a good option with a number of advantages and benefits. Cashmere is an expensive cloth, beyond time always looks surprisingly luxurious. Also note that such coat make the female silhouette visually slimmer and more refined.

Selection of coats on the figure

Пальто по фигуреTo not regret the purchase, choose the coat in haste, but with enough time fitting. If you are the owner of a small height, long model you are contraindicated and the choice should be made in favor of shorter. This will stretch your silhouette and will be a special look with heels.

With high growth should be possible to accurately observe the proportions and choose classical style, he emphasize the figure as correct. Curvy figure requires more adjacent cut which will not look мешковато and to make the figure more volume, and add a belt, you can get an amazing effect and hide the extra inches.

Choosing the fabric, from which are made coat, it should be defined whether the thing everyday or exclusively for special occasions. Influence of the environment and the weather is not all tissues of the act the same way and each of them requires a special care. Coat of cashmere can be worn every day and for special occasions. This fabric is remarkable resistance to negative external factors, and additional nylon composed significantly extends the service life of such models.

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