The art of makeup is popular since ancient times, it resorted to by many women and even men. Warriors painted their bodies and faces before a fight to intimidate enemies or to conduct religious rituals.

Later the makeup was used only as decoration. First began to adorn ourselves Egyptians. They soot eyeliner, and a mixture of clay lipstick.

A few centuries ago, cosmetics were not as developed as it is now, so I had to use the means at hand to adorn your face and body. For example, in Russia the girls enjoyed natural cosmetics from my garden: pieces of beet served as a blush, and the fruit of raspberry or cherry lipstick.

Nowadays many different cosmetic products that promote a feminine beauty. With makeup girls can emphasize their individuality and hide flaws.

A great choice of quality and fashionable decorative cosmetics may be products TenX from the company NL International.

Lip – the part of the face that first attracts the eye of the interlocutor. Bright lips perfectly accentuate sensual image. Matte lipstick TenX is perfect for creating a luxurious shade.

Convenient pencil allows for a few seconds to do a perfect makeup. And the included nutrients care for delicate skin of the lips and prevent dryness.

If the matte texture is not for you, pay attention to the lipstick and lip gloss, which will help to achieve your effect lip gloss. Has a high resistance, in the course of a day is not lubricated and does not spread.

To highlight the look and make it more expressive by using eyeliner. And to add to the image of tenderness and naturalness will help loose powder shadow with a shimmering finish. Available in stick that facilitates application and prevents the precipitation shadow from the bottle. More detailed information about the products TenX from NL International search for the official page of the company in —

Sometimes even the most thoughtful and perfect makeup can ruin a bad shape of the eyebrows, because this part of the person responsible for the expression of our emotions. Eyebrow pencil in powdery basis from TenX easy to apply and blend. It helps to give your eyebrows the desired shape with the brush on the end of a pencil. Available in three shades: brown, beige and taupe. Has a high resistance.

None of the makeup will not be without accessories. Important tool when applying makeup are brushes. The most important brush for applying Foundation. Also in the line TenX you can find a brush for shading shadows and a brush for powder and Rouge.

The specific fashion in makeup no. The basic rule sounds simple enough: you need to choose makeup that suits you. Also important is the accuracy in his performance.

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