Already more than ten years the laser beams are actively used trichologists from different countries to solve different kinds of problems with the hair and scalp. Laser strengthens hair roots and stimulates their growth, eliminates dandruff, improves microcirculation, improves the skin of the head, it faster is enriched with oxygen, and the hair becomes thicker, thicker appears natural healthy glow.

Laser treatments are available in the specialized clinics, using professional equipment, under the supervision of highly qualified specialists. The procedure is recommended to take the course, the cost of which is quite high. Wonderful invention of our days became laser comb, which is a kind of home alternative to costly procedures. It is easy to use, it can take a trip not to interrupt the course of treatment, and with regular and proper use you can achieve the effect of, in lieu of the fact that you could get in an expensive salon.

So, how it works. When developing combs specialists used the energy of the laser beams, which contributes to the synthesis of protein, and he, in turn, is an important building material for hair and improves blood circulation to the hair follicles. The impact of such energy on the body thoroughly studied, so you should not be afraid to use this miracle of technology in the home. What should you look for when choosing combs, is the fact that the instrument has been certified in your country and to him be accompanied by instruction on the language understood by you.

Testimonials from those who have tried laser comb differ, but this is not surprising, given that we all are individual, every body is unique and in its reacts to many things. Someone noticed the results after 3 weeks of use, and those who are concerned with the problem of hair loss could restore their full growth. There are opposing opinions of those who have not seen any results, even after 3 months of patient using a comb. Specialists note that for the good of the device you should use carefully, correctly and consistently. They also rightly pointed out that the effectiveness of laser comb for combating hair loss is very individual, because many causes of hair loss, each case must be considered separately, and the treatment is to be comprehensive and well-chosen.

The main function of the laser comb, nourish the scalp cells with energy necessary for their full life. Thus, if it does not fundamentally solve the problem of hair loss, it will be an effective remedy for hair loss associated with bad or insufficient blood supply to the scalp. It is useful when you are using in the treatment of drastic hormonal means that, in turn, brings damage to your body.

Final indications for the use of laser comb can be reduced to such a list: hair loss, oily and dry dandruff, weak and dull hair, hair loss in the result of chronic overwork and stress, loss of hair due to chemical wave and frequent coloring, hair loss because of lack of vitamins and microelements, age-related changes.

However, there are contraindications: cancer, hemophilia, facial paralysis, dermatitis, sunburn. Also do not recommend to use a laser comb pregnant women and children up to 12 years.

There are rules of use of this revolutionary device, so please read them carefully. The optimal frequency of use three times a week, the duration of each session – from 10 to 20 minutes. Include comb gently slide it on the scalp, pausing at each point on 4-5 seconds. It is recommended to move in the opposite direction of the hair growth, to impact on hair follicles to be more intense. An important condition of the hair and scalp must be clean.

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