Paraffin is widely used in medicine as medical, deep warm tool. In cosmetology is used for the treatment of manicure and pedicure, that return skin health and beauty.

French beauticians first применилипарафиновые baths for рукв therapeutic sessions manicure. Women have to deal with detergents and cleaners, the kitchen hands are constantly exposed to steam, water, contact with vegetables, meat products.

The working women used to just grow old hands. You can often see a beautiful young woman with coarse, wrinkled hands. Paraffin do with aromatic, medicinal natural oils. During the session skin is deeply warms up, enlarged pores, through which toxins are released.

Normalizes blood circulation, moisturizing the skin, restores moisture balance, the wrinkles are smoothed. Paraffin ванночкаделается for rough, dry, cold and dehydrated skin, arthritis, muscle straining, pain in the hands, before the massage before or after sunbathing.

Paraffin is prohibited, if hands are not healed wounds, bruises, burns, scratches, pustules, reddening. And in bronchial asthma, angina, diabetes, hypertension, infectious diseases.

Paraffin received during a special oil processing, timber, ozokerite (mineral wax), peat. It is a white solid, which can melt even at low temperatures. Paraffin deeply warms the skin, so balm applied on hands, well absorbed.

In addition, when solidifies it forms secures retaining film heat. Heated leather, first straightens, softened, then paraffin begins to stiffen, compresses and more supple skin. This is useful for paraffin bath, инструкциипростые, execution easy.

The tub can be done in the salon (beauty), or at home by myself. Take a candle for soaking it was a completely different composition unsuitable for treatment. Paraffin buy in a pharmacy or shop in the Department of cosmetics.

Internet shop sells everything for paraffin baths: the paraffin, Terry mittens and socks. There is even a Elektropribor, like мультиварку, which is heated paraffin and make bath.

Any woman will quickly learn to делатьпарафиновые baths at home. Before the procedure the hands wash soap and scrub, if there is no such soap, you can use any scrub or home remedy for peeling (sea salt, coffee coarsely crumbled by the almond shell). Hands thoroughly wipe away and apply a nourishing cream for hands.

It is important to know: if wax gets even one drop of water on the skin will burn. Paraffin wax is heated on a water bath in a pot of natural material (glass, ceramic, enamel). Paraffin should be so much that it could take out both hands.

Prepare two plastic bags, cotton Terry towel so that after the procedure, it was possible without outside help put packages on hands and wrap a towel. The matter is that paraffin perfectly calm nervous system, relieve stress. So it’s better if during the procedure there is no one at home, then nobody will disturb you relax and immerse yourself in complete peace.

Sometimes paraffin sold with supplements of vitamins and oils, if purchased paraffin without additives, it can be enriched. When it has completely melted, add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and lavender oil (recipe Eastern beauties).

You can add tea tree oil, rose, juniper, geranium, fir, Chi. Wonderful drop sunflower oil, but it must be a virgin and not from the roasted seeds. Such oil is pale yellow, sold only at private traders in the market. The oil is distributed evenly, paraffin is necessary to stir with a wooden spatula.

Paraffin remove steam baths, if the dishes uncomfortable, then it can be poured into the broader capacity. Paraffin low thermal conductivity, so, practically, burn them impossible. But, probably, remember not very pleasant sensation when on hand dripping wax with a burning candle.

Therefore, the first time my hands drop in paraffin with caution. Then take my hands, hold the air while paraffin grab and back into the tank with paraffin. In paraffin hand hold three to five seconds on the air about ten seconds. This continues until the hands are not formed a thick layer of wax (approximately eight to ten times).

The hand put plastic bags, wrapped in a towel. Sit down in an armchair, relax, sit quietly thirty-forty minutes. Paraffin begin to withdraw from the joint wrist to the tip of your fingers, then hands to wipe a damp towel and wash with lukewarm water.

Procedure do not more frequently than two times a month. This knowledge will be useful not only for manicure and pedicure, as well as in cases of muscle strain, when, as a warming compress назначаетсяпарафиновая bath. Отзывымногих women testify to the effectiveness of this procedure.

Girl under the nickname Lady FRU writes: «Class! My paws are tender like velvet! Girl, I recommend paraffin baths. Replenish the ranks of the princesses. NINOK, «WOW! Балдеж utter! Did the bath itself, easy and cheap. Luda Гороган: «I am one of those who do not trust advertising, but because I didn’t like working gloves, decided to try хваленные paraffin baths. I do not regret. Liked».

After reading this article, any woman learns how to do paraffin baths at home. Hands already after the first session become smooth and gentle, two weeks procedure can be repeated.


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