Creating an image for disco is not an easy task. Stylish hairstyle is appropriate outfit, harmonious accessories. And, of course, manicure sets trailing dot. What drawn on the nails, to become a star of the dance floor?

There are several unspoken rules manicure for discos. It should be catchy to the atmosphere of penumbra was quite noticeable. Preferably a brilliant to light instruments played fine fingers dancing girl. And, of course, combined with the rest of the image.

Top 5 or that draw on the nails to become a star discos.

Animal print. This figure looks stylish and bright, especially if his «support» item of clothing or accessory of a similar color. The most common options for tiger and leopard. Both drawings pretty easy to do yourself, and if you show imagination, the nails will attract admiring glances from men and interested women.

To perform any of these drawings will need varnishes in yellow and brown colours, black lacquer and top-fixer. You can also use transparent lacquers with gold sequins or micro-dust, they will add manicure depth and make sparks of light danced on the tips of the fingers.

So, manicure «the tiger» is as follows. On the nail plate put the yellow lacquer, after its drying paint a black or dark-brown stripes, they can be a bit blurry, merged one another. Then figure cover the top or varnish with vibrant splashes.

«Leopard skin» do a little more complicated. It is necessary to cover yellow nail varnish-ground, and then put several brown markings, this can be done with a brush from a bottle or a stick with a rounded end – dot spells. After drying it is necessary to make the shape of the spots contrast, you can use a black or chocolate brown lacquer. Piping should not be closed, it is desirable to vary in width. In conclusion figure varnish glitter or mica.

Neon water manicure. Such coverage without practice run, but just a couple of «trial balloons» teach feel procedure on an intuitive level. Need: 2-3 varnish bright neon colors, water, Scotch tape, toothpick. The skin around the nail necessary to seal tape, the closer adhesive tape to be placed to the cuticle, the easier it will be the correction process. After that, in a glass of water alternately drip lucky to have each subsequent drop was in the centre of the previous one. Then create a toothpick on the varnished surface of the desired pattern and dipped a finger into the water, as if grasping the future coverage. After removing varnish allow to dry up, remove cattle and fix figure colourless varnish. Especially stylish and bright this manicure would look like if an image to use finish, a glowing violet light.

The most persistent lovers stand out can perform an elaborate water manicure. Nail plate to cover the white lacquer-basis, it give the depth of colors. Then conditionally divide the nail on the 4 sectors, having vertical and horizontal stripes. Each of them varnish neon colors, the brighter the better. About accuracy can not worry, top coating smooth out the bumps. After this seal skin with tape and drip on the surface of the water a little lacquer black. After a few seconds sprinkled on him from a short distance from the bottle, film formed gleams of different sizes. Then pick up a finger delicate lacquer, give it to dry and cover a fixer.

Caviar manicure. To perform such an option discotheque manicure simple. It is not very durable, but can provide one evening admiring glances. For the execution of need: base varnish saturated color, бульонки, preferably capable to Shine under the light of spotlights and top-fixer. Nail plate to cover one fairly dense layer of varnish and immediately showered him with beads-бульонками. Caution slightly push them in Lac for better fixation. After 15 minutes, after drying, cover design top. On a similar scheme is velour or velvet manicure. Only instead of бульонок uses a special small pile.

Thematic drawings. If a girl, planning to visit discos are the minimum artistic skills, you can draw on the nails whole picture on relevant topics. For this is necessary to cover all the fingers bright colour varnish and let it dry. After using varnish contrast color or special paint brush to put the image. That paint the nails before disco? This may be the glasses with cocktails, hearts, abstract divorce, like playing the spotlight, themed miniature. Any picture can be diluted with sparkling elements, they’re just not to be redundant. This can be one major rhinestone, an asterisk or a heart made of foil. Can also be one of the nails decorate in the technique of caviar manicure. Even excessive decor is appropriate, because it will be able to tell others that they face girl, who is able to have fun. After printing, especially if he is painted, the nail necessarily need to cover the top.

French manicure with striking element. This option murals for those that want to look the place, but not too like to stand out. Run it simply, you must make the classic French and regrown part of the cover bright varnish, or decorate in the technique of velvet or caviar manicure. Or the exposed edge of the nail on every finger paint varnish different colors.

Each of these kinds of manicure is easy enough to do yourself. A bit of practice, hard work and the perfect cover for the stars of the dance floor is ready. After all, this night has to be sound.


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