Currently beauty salons providing a wide range of procedures aimed at escalating of nails. One of the most popular and inexpensive technique is considered nail gel.

Modern Biogel is completely safe to use and is used in dentistry for dental prosthetics. The material is almost the same quality and features of the structure of the natural nail plate. It does not hinder the passage of air and moisture, does not prevent the exchange of substances in the surface layer of the epithelium of the bed claw. Advantages of the method are the creation of artificial nail with an elegant glossy Shine and self-uniform distribution of gel nail. The procedure is not accompanied by discomfort, as, for example, when using acrylic. In this case, the woman and the master has to endure unpleasant smell, however, not caused any harm.

Not surprisingly, that the technique of build-up gel is widespread. Nevertheless, apart from the obvious advantages, the method has disadvantages. To remove accrued claw, the woman will have to go through the procedure of filing. If on the nail plate crack appears, you must perform the build-up again. Another way to restore damaged nail, alas, does not exist. But, gel nails are kept up to six months and do not react to the solutions of household equipment used for washing dishes, as well as for cleaning of the apartment. It really is a durable, high-quality nails, possessing excellent appearance.

That the procedure was successful and brought no further disappointment should consult an experienced foreman, with extensive experience and well-informed about the intricacies of the nail. A woman also needs to fulfill a number of conditions. First of all, you should prepare the nails to the upcoming procedure. About a day before the build should refuse using hand cream. Otherwise, not впитавшаяся part of the funds will prevent dense connection of the gel and the nail plate. Subsequently, nails can start peeling off. After extension you want to use for nail care special nutrients.

It is necessary to pay attention to the grinding quality. The better the wizard will clean out all of his fingernail, the stronger will stick coating. However, excessive zeal could result in injury to the nail bed at the base. It’s worth noting that not always the delamination of nail blame master. Sometimes, the body itself rejects a foreign element. If the reason lies in the reaction of the organism, you need to try the technique of extension with other materials.

Brittle nails can провоцироваться too large sizes. The ideal option consider the length of the nail, which coincides with the length of the natural nail plate at the moment of processing. By the way, the quality of claws can have a significant impact of the disturbance of hormonal balance and taking drugs with antibiotic properties. Therefore, it is desirable to take care of your health before the procedure of extension.

One can often hear the opinion that the nails after extension gel look unhealthy and lose your natural glow. Actually gel is not harmful to the nail plate. In contrast, using the material and the periodic adjustment of manicure disappear minor defects of the nail bed. Correction should be carried out not more often than once a month. If the nail looks unhealthy, perhaps, the procedure was performed with gross errors. Restore the nail can be treatment manicure as well as, proper diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.

Gel build-up goes to predrying composition of ultraviolet radiation. This technology allows you not пересушивать nails and achieve high strength, with no harm to the natural nail plates.


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