Татьяна Геворкян вышла замуж

Today, the 39-year-old TV presenter Tatyana Gevorkyan married his beloved Alexander, with whom recently spent a month in Switzerland.

Recall that in an interview with HELLO! Tatiana has declared, that does not like to talk about his personal life:

Congratulate you, but to talk about my personal life is not love. I do not like that in Russia the status marital status is elevated to the rank greater achievements than love or harmoniously built long-term relationships. This is very sad.

SPLETNIK.RU congratulates Tatiana and Alexander!

Happy family life!

геворкян замуж
Tatyana Gevorkyan in a wedding dress

Tatyana Gevorkyan celebrating a wedding in Sixty

свадьба геворкян
Tatyana Gevorkyan has fun with her friends after the wedding

Таня Геворкян и Александр
Tanya and Alexander

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