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Татьяна Навка вместе с дочерьми научилась готовить равиоли и показала в соцсети мастер-класс

Tatiana Navka and Hope Peskov

42-year-old Tatiana Navka resting with her daughters, 17-year-old Alexander and two-year-old Nadia, on the sea coast, where in addition to the warm water and hot sun is a lot of interesting things. Russian figure skater and wife of press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov last week I shared with followers on Instagram impressions from karting and partying, the previous day showed a master class in cooking the ravioli, which was visited together with her daughters.

And Tatiana and Alexander, and Nadia tried to make handmade Italian food under the guidance of the master. A day earlier, Olympic champion in ice dancing took youngest daughter to the outing, the girl went to the farm, where he photographed with the goats, sheep and other animals and drank the milk.

By the way, during the holidays the moms and daughters in the network premiere of the clip Sasha Gulini for the song “fell in Love”, which she wrote in collaboration with Maxim Fadeev and Olga Seryabkina.

Татьяна Навка и Надежда Пескова
Tatiana Navka with her daughter Nadia

Александра Жулина
Alexander Zhulin

Александра Жулина

Надежда Пескова
Hope Peskov

Надежда Пескова

Надежда Пескова

Надежда Пескова

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