Funds Taft is a freedom in choosing the image every day. Therefore, Taft supports young people’s desire for beauty and own style, help her choose the right tools for laying and use them effectively. That is why Taft was a sponsor of the beauty contest in the best universities of our country, among which – Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Kyiv national University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy.

Also Taft announces the beginning of his tour to universities of Ukraine with exciting educational program for youth Taft University Road Show.

Within the tour branded auto Taft will visit Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and Kharkiv. Stylists team Taft in a few minutes will make hairstyle for everyone who wants to give useful recommendations on styling and visually demonstrate the stages of creating hairstyles and tell about peculiarities of styling tools used for this.

One of such tools will become a novelty from Schwarzkopf powder Taft Volume capable of in seconds, easily and without problems to provide an incredible amount of hair and fixation.

In the pursuit of knowledge, new meetings and impressions of the youth are always short of time. Therefore powder Taft Volume will be perfect for her choice, capable of hair required styling at any time and in any place. In the morning before the training she quickly will help give your hair volume and fixation, day make the hair, and before a night out with friends give hair a maximum volume.

Thanks to the educational program for youth Taft University Road Show all, who wants to create its own special style, with a choice of a styling tools and learn to use them properly, can do it in the immediate vicinity of the place of studying.

Along with master-classes of stylists Taft in each of the six cities of the tour will be held mini-contests awarding brand products.

Information about company

Henkel Beauty Care is leading the market in a segment of means on care of hair, face and body.

Henkel Beauty Care is the leading trade marks in the market of paints for hair (Brillance, Palette, Syoss, Syoss Mixing Colors, Perfect Mousse, Color Mask), hair care (Schauma, Gliss Kur, Syoss), means for skin care of face and body (Fa, Diademine) and styling (Taft, Syoss).


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