Светлана Бондарчук, Дима Билан и другие на празднике Дня святого Валентина

Yesterday, the whole world celebrated the Valentine’s day. Recently SPLETNIK.RU has already reported on how foreign celebrities were going to spend this day, now it’s time to learn, what they did on this day, domestic celebrities. Svetlana Bondarchuk, Dima Bilan Oksana Lavrentieva and other Russian stars gathered in a restaurant “Moscow Vечера to spend a romantic evening together.

Wondering why representatives of show business have chosen? First, because the institution is prepared for its guests a special menu, gifts and pleasant surprises. Secondly, because the music in the evening answered Dima Bilan. It is on the shoulders of the contractor was entrusted with a responsible task to create a romantic mood of the audience, and he coped with it perfectly.

In addition, the attendees had a great time in the warm and friendly atmosphere and happy holiday, and that you will agree, the most important thing.

светлана бондарчук
Svetlana Bondarchuk

светлана бондарчук

дима билан
Dima Bilan

дима билан и катя добрякова
Dima Bilan and Katya Dobryakova

катя добрякова
Katya Dobryakova

светлана бондарчук и оксана лаврентьева
Svetlana Bondaruk and Oksana Lavrenteva

оксана лаврентьева и андрей пак
Oksana Lavrentieva and Anton Pak

оксана лаврентьева и антон пак

дина хабирова
Dina Хабирова

анна андронова
Anna Andronov

ольга панченко
Olga Panchenko

виктория десятникова
Victoria Desyatnikov

евгения попова
Evgeny Popov

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