Светлана Бондарчук и другие на премьере фильма "Дубровский"

Tonight in one of the capital kinoteatrov premiere of the film of Alexander Vartanova “Dubrovsky”.

Evaluate the new version of one of the most famous classical works, where the action of the novel Pushkin moved today, came stars of Russian cinema and show business: Svetlana Bondarchuk Philip Kirkorov Darya Mikhalkova and many others.

The main role in criminal drama, shot on the novel by Alexander Pushkin performed Danila Kozlovsky and Klavdiya Korshunova.

The plot in the film takes place in our time: so, Vladimir Dubrovskiy, played by Daniel, became a successful lawyer, and Mary troyekurov’s estate is returned from Britain’s home, in the country house of the father after a few years of study.

Let’s remind, that the Russian audience will see the film the sixth of March. Until then we offer you to find out the opinion of the Director and the main characters of his work.

Director Alexander Vartanov about his creation:

And Dubrovsky, and Masha sure that the world – something rational and beautiful, where there are clear laws, and the money they take their place.

Данила Козловский
Danila Kozlovsky

Danila Kozlovsky about the film:

When at the «Mosfilm» have arranged a viewing worker view for a narrow circle, I called my brother, I was wondering what to say. We sit, we look at some moment he turns to me: «Cool story! Who is the author of the script?». I’m a little confused: «You ask, who wrote the script, or who this story idea?» – «Yeah, who invented all this?». – «That is, who? Pushkin». – Pushkin? In what sense?» And then it dawned upon him. «Wait…. Dubrovsky… Is that the same book?!» He, of course, had long forgotten book from the school program, makes us love Russian literature, and it suddenly seemed that Pushkinskaya today’s story is so that even hot. In General, the brother was delighted.

Klavdiya Korshunova about his heroine:

Masha in the film changed more other of Pushkin’s characters, and this is understandable: the position of women in society now is not the same as it was two centuries ago, and the role of Masha in the story «Dubrovsky» this is linked directly. I have a performance at the «Sovremennik», there heroine asked to give her private residence permit, a hero cries, «I didn’t give her a passport!» and not all viewers will probably understand what it because there’s nothing in our life is no more. These new social circumstances have changed the character of the heroine in our Mache more independence than in Pushkin.

Данила Козловский и Светлана Бондарчук
Danila Kozlovsky and Svetlana Bondarchuk

Дмитрий Сенников и Дарья Михалкова
Dmitri Sennikov and Darya Mikhalkova

Филипп Киркоров
Philip Kirkorov

Дина Хабирова и Светлана Бондарчук
Dina khabirova and Svetlana Bondarchuk

Алексей Киселев и Ида Лоло
Alexey Kiselev and IDA Lolo

Григорий Добрыгин
Grigory Dobrygin

Валерий Тодоровский и Евгения Брик
Valeriy Todorovskiy and Evgeniya Brik

Анна Чурина
Anna Churina

Армен Ерицян
Armen Yeritsyan

Ирина Рахманова
Irina Rakhmanova

Анна Горшкова
Anna Gorshkova

Данила Козловский

Дубровский премьера

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