супер короткие женские стрижкиTo decide on a short haircut, many women need a bevy confidence first of all, in their femininity. If haircut extremely short, rather, it is responsible not only important trends in fashion, but also internal self-sentiment. It is not for everyone, but not very many are ready to leave on his head a couple of inches of hair. Nevertheless, women’s super short haircuts popular for decades.


Fashion for very short hair

Many centuries women were literally doomed to long hair, which завивались in heavy songs, not always comfortable, but comply with the requirements of the era. Everything started to change at the dawn of the twentieth century when in the twenties suddenly appeared Bob-caret, one of the symbols of female emancipation. In the forties again in Vogue long or medium length hair, elegantly curly плойками and beautifully arranged in a hairstyle. In the fifties all again stood on its head – reduced not only dress, which became ultra-short, respected architectural forms, but the hair. Suffice it to recall one of the most famous icons of style of that period, Audrey Hepburn, who demonstrated the ability to remain beautiful and feminine even with very short hair.

супер короткие женские стрижки Одри Хепберн

Audrey Hepburn

супер короткие женские стрижки Джин Сиберг

Jean Seeberg

Example of the stars, which differed major features and very bright expressive eyes and broad brows, inspires girls so far. If someone as beautiful face with impeccable form and massive features, there are no obstacles to go to a beauty and not make ультракороткую haircut, opens the neck, forehead, leaving just a couple of centimetres for hairdressing art.

Another star of the middle of the century, best known for his short haircut – actress Jean Seeberg. The Scandinavian blonde like Hollywood brunette, modern women causes excitement and desire to repeat its simple pixie haircut, creating a volume on the light hair. Little makeup, beautiful well-groomed skin and dynamic blonde coupled with this haircut create a stylish way, the timeless. The same can be said about the cult haircut actress MIA Farrow, created Vidal Sassoon. The style of these Actresses-blondes who have chosen a very short haircuts, inspires many women who appreciate practicality in her hair.


Who fit very short haircuts

Cut hair very short and make a fashionable haircut seek to many women, but most of them need time to decide on such an adventure. It is very reasonable because this haircut requires not only commitment but also certain physical data, in the absence of which hairstyle do not produce due effect and appearance can be easily damaged.

You don’t need to worry if you have the face of a perfect oval, expressed no угловатостей and round in the lower jaw, nose, not too long, without hump and not «potato». Even the slightest imperfections with short hair attract attention to himself, so this is just the case when before you cut once, very briefly, to measure seven times. More precisely, consider whether you are ready to such simple, and simultaneously, in such a complex wearing her hair.

Super short hair will be a good solution to the problem of rare hair that long version looks the best way. If you have the problem of dandruff or dryness and peeling of the scalp, it will need to be urgently addressed because with short hair, it will be noticeable and very unattractive.


The choice of super short haircuts

If you have a large features, haircut should be more feminine. We should not get involved ragged tips and excessive graduation, even if we are talking about hair for a young girl. In any case, it is worth observing the laws of harmony of the facial features must match the length and style of hair. Images of Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman, one time bore the super short haircut, should inspire the creation of beautiful and elegant images of women.

If the person is narrow, oval, but the eyes are small and characteristic cannot be called expressive, you can give the image piquancy with the help of hairstyles. Emphasis could be placed as the extended area on the top, and direct torn short bangs, which barely covers her forehead.

In favor of super short haircuts be aware that hair will need the visibility of the movement and volume. Brunettes can do this by using the invoices, keeping a single shade of hair, blondes do not get involved-screen color. Platinum shades in a very short haircut must be quickened darker brown, honey, Golden locks. This movement haircut, you can give both the technique of painting «feathers»and darkening roots with lightening tips.

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