солнечный маникюрWith the onset of the first autumn days we are already beginning to experience a shortage of solar energy. And in the winter and doesn situation is catastrophic: a bad mood, always want to sleep, there’s no strength even to domestic matters. And did you know that your nails also suffer from a lack of solar rays of the sun? If you want to return them healthy and energized, try to Sunny manicure. All about its benefits technique and efficiency tell you now Beauty-Hands.ru.

Cosmetics, gifted by the nature

What is this option manicure? The name he obliged not only to the heavenly luminary, how many special series of professional cosmetics for the care of hands and nails. Solar means of “Solar” contain natural ingredients that takes care of the skin and nails.

The series includes oil SolarSilk, which moistens pens, cuticle remover, nourishing cream, dead sea salt and tool for rapid drying of varnish. Interestingly, many of the elements of the line are composed of four main components. This jojoba oil, rice bran and almonds, and also vitamin E. Such a set is not accidental, because each of the substances responsible for the youth and beauty of the hands. Almond oil moisturizes the skin, rice bran gently cleanse and contribute to the regeneration of the epidermis, and jojoba oil nourishes the cells and saturates it with energy. Vitamin E is also known as vitamin of beauty. He makes nails strong and elastic, and the skin smooth and young.

The use of and indications for use:

  • Solar nails is essential in the cold time of the year. The contrast in temperature in the room and on the street leads to the fact that the skin on the hands loses moisture and may even crack. Some women complain about the appearance of small, but very painful sores on the hands. Solar series of cosmetics is able to conquer this problem. Oil is also the line of Solar makes rough skin on elbows and knees soft and silky.

  • Try Sunny manicure, if you are suffering from brittle nails. Vitamin complex strengthens the nail plate, preventing stratification.
  • You simply don’t learn the skin on their hands already after the first procedure. Handle velvety smooth and soft, while massaging movements when applying the oils can even cure a headache and soothe the nervous system.
  • Carry out the procedure twice a month, and the results will follow. You can easily grow long and strong nails, which for many women are a pipe dream. Hand skin noticeably will become younger, spots disappear and the first wrinkles. This is especially true for women of Mature age, not wanting to get old. And it was on a skin of hands affect years in the first place.

солнечный маникюр

Sunny manicure at

Let’s details and to get familiar with the technique of carrying out this procedure masters. The whole process consists of several stages.

  1. Before any cosmetic procedure it is necessary to thoroughly clean the nail plate from the lacquer. Otherwise useful components not penetrate the nail.
  2. Next you are recommended to give the nails a beautiful form, nail file. If necessary, you can cut off the tips of nail scissors. Masters use special tools not traumatic nail.
  3. The hands applied scrub Solar Manikure, and gently removed the layer of dead cells. This is an important stage in the program of skin care, because peeling contributes to its regeneration. Also such a purge allows you to penetrate deeper nutrient.
  4. Hands are covered by oil massage movements rubbed into the skin. The processed not only hands, but also the whole area of the elbow. At the present time and are wrought miracles. Oil moisturizes the skin and nourishes it with vitamins.
  5. The cuticle is covered with a special tool SolarBalm. After a couple of minutes rough skin becomes soft and supple. Now you can gently push back cuticles wooden stick for manicure.
  6. Completes solar nails cream SolarButter. It is applied in a thin layer on the skin and gives it protection for a long time.

Manicure using solar cosmetics line can become as a separate process, and the element of the whole complex for the care of hands. In the salons of his often combined with paraffin treatment for. In the duet they provide quick and dramatic results.

солнечный маникюр

Home manicure

Sunny manicure is simple to implement and may be completed individually. Of course, you will need to purchase the entire solar cosmetics line. It is sold in shops for professional manicure and on the Internet. Want to know what are the effects of Polish on the nails, then this link for you.

You can replace the individual elements of the procedure improvised means. For example, instead of solar scrub use regular coffee. In his hand cream you can add all of the above components to increase its effectiveness. However, it is advised to apply all the same quality cosmetics line Solar. It contains a minimum of synthetic substances and very delicately cares for the skin.

солнечный маникюр

солнечный маникюр

солнечный маникюр

солнечный маникюр

солнечный маникюр

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