летний маникюр фотоLearn how to choose, and better – do summer nail design you need all the fashionable women who want to be in the actual trend «to the tips of nails». Not to look too extravagant, remember that for different events, and even time of day, there are different ideas form, decoration and colouring.

красиые летние рисунки на ногтях фото

Development summer nail design in биколорном design ( black/white) is almost universal. So the nails can decorate the cocktail party (especially in the «bundled» with classic black платьицем), and in the office after the holidays without risk brazenly violate the dress code.

черно-белый маникюр фото

  • The basic colorless basis after drying restrictive film (for French manicure) diagonal put black on the outside edge of the nail.
  • After 3-5 minutes on the border put a line of varnish глиттером.
  • The varnish glitter, you can glue several rows of small sequins for the decoration of manicure.
  • The black background is applied a small spots of white color or glue silver rhinestones.
  • The final protective layer of a transparent varnish.

летний маникюр фото

Glamorous summer nail design with neon special effects – hit for several seasons. Extreme manicure «loves» sharpened nails oval larger than the average size or playful square shape, not too long nails with slightly rounded edges.

летний дизайн на ногти фото

  1. On prepared nails chosen form is applied basic translucent covering with a matte effect. This will give light-reflecting pigments be distributed more evenly.
  2. The next step is neon basis. Here it is important not to exaggerate the thickness of the layer. Acts the main rule is – better 2 subtle than 1 thick.
  3. The special varnishes with люминофорными самосветящимися pigments, you can limit моноокрашиванием without additional drawings.
  4. For ordinary светооражающих varnishes is a fashionable addition in colour – contrast (usually black) graphic designs. In any social network lack of templates, no.

For more elegant options are suitable classic «lace».

Will look great silhouettes of animals or «feral» leopard prints or other predators.

змениный маникюр фото

For those who are not strong in the possession of a thin brush for nail art is an alternative – a sticker on a transparent basis.

морской маникюр фото

Sticker for sticking with water cut out of the total of a cloth, soaked in warm water (10-30 секуд) and carefully put on a little подсохший layer of varnish. Put a sticker conveniently orange стекой, a fixer cover after drying.

Another «control» layer fixer and juicy summer manicure ready!

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