Лето на "Сплетнике": Кэти Холмс и Сури в Майами

Katie Holmes and Suri spend a winter vacation in Miami. Two days ago, a mother and daughter Tom Cruise resting by the pool: 35-year-old actress wore a bright pink swimsuit.

7-year-old Suri having fun with friends, studied ballet and enjoyed a hamburger.

On New year’s eve Holmes and her daughter went on holiday shopping.

Recall, December 20, Kathy noted birthday at new York club TAO – like Kim Kardashian in his time. Recently Holmes and Suri live in new York city: actress now starred in the film adaptation of the novel “Giving” together with Taylor Swift, Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges and Alexander Скарсгардом.

On Christmas eve, Katie and Suri went to the screening of “the Nutcracker” in new York.

And how do you like beach attire Cathy?

кэти холмс
Katie Holmes

кэти холмс-1

кэти холмс и сури
Katie Holmes and Suri


кэти холмс и сури-1

кэти холмс и сури-4

кэти холмс и сури-5

кэти холмс-2






сури и кэти майами
Katie Holmes and Suri on shopping 31 December

кэти холмс и сури-8

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