Лето на "Сплетнике": Бейонсе и Джей Зи в Доминикане

The past month has been busy for the Beyonce and Jay z precarious: the performance of the singer on the birthday Michelle Obama her duet with her husband at the ceremony Grammy-2014 and at the party DirectTV Super Bowl. Yes, and rumors about the novel celebrities the US President did not give a couple of peace. That is why at the first opportunity Beyonce and Jay z escaped from all the problems on vacation to the Dominican Republic.

That beloved now enjoy a vacation on the island, the audience learned from the social network, in which the singer shared with fans of fresh images. Judging by the photo, the wife decided to relax without their daughters blue IWI.

As reported by the Western tabloids, one of the evenings Beyonce and Jay-z held in the capital club in the Dominican Republic together with their friends. According to an insider, for the security of the celebrities that night answered a few security guards, who also were in the institution.

Admire fresh shots of the star couple with rest and try not too much envy.

бейонсе и джей зи на отдыхе в доминикане
Beyonce and Jay-z on vacation in the Dominican Republic

Beyonce sends greetings to your fans

And mastering the technique of a moped


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