стильный леопардовый дизайн ногтей фотоModern beauty industry develops and offers a huge choice in the field of nail art. It just depends on the occasion and your tastes.

стильный дизайн ногтей фото

стильный френч металлик фото

Today we offer you learn how to create a simple, yet stylish design of the nails of any length of the house. To do this we need: a needle, base coat for nail varnishes desired colors (preferably contrasting).

стильный дизайн ногтей с узором фото

стильный дизайн с узором фото

To start doing hygienic manicure, cooking nails delete cuticle. Next, put a base on the nails, wait until dry. We will have to work with each finger separately, as we need to main Lac not had time to dry. Put in the center of the nail needle drop for a picture, gently pull it иголочкой in different directions. Try to keep the needle from the surface of the nail. Do not forget about transparent закрепителе. Finish admire the result!

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