Прямо вниз: новая укладка Гвен Стефани

Singer Gwen Stefani changed her hair styling: instead of classical waves, with whom we saw her on the red carpet while walking in recent months, the expectant mother is already the third child and the spouse Gavin Россдэйла demonstrated radically direct strands.

Such laying easily repeat the house: dry hair upside down using a hair dryer with ions and round combs, then apply a thermal protector spray pressing and straighten strands five centimeters wide. Note that it is better to tighten up the tips inside: completely straight hair style cher look is not very important.

SPLETNIK.RU wants to know your opinion: what more is Gwen – soft waves or graphically direct strands of hair?

Гвен Стефани
Straight hair Gwen Stefani

Гвен Стефани
Laying waves Gwen Stefani

Гвен Стефани-2

Гвен Стефани-3

Гвен Стефани-1

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