трафареты для дизайна ногтей фотоAny woman dreams of a beautiful manicure, but do not want or cannot go to beauty salons. Here are just at home cause a beautiful pattern on the nails can not every lady, because it needs at least to be able to tolerably draw and have enough imagination. So they were invented stencils for nail design to facilitate both the work of the wizard in a nail salon and women who grace own nails at home.

дизайн ногтей с помощью трафаретов фото

Today, every woman can buy a lot of stencils for home manicure:

These devices allow to create really qualitative drawing on nails – smooth, beautiful, neat and stylish. Stencils for nail design and create the effect of salon manicure, which will fascinate the views of their uniqueness and excellence.

трафареты для дизайна ногтей со звездами фото

трафареты для дизайна на ногтях фото

Stencils are glutinous bases from which they hold firmly on the nails. On top of that cliche is necessary to apply the varnish, and after the harvesting of carefully take off, leaving on your nails original designs and drawings. In commercially available disc and stencils.

дизайн ногтей с трафаретами фото

To use them just as easily. You just need to apply the varnish of the desired color to the disk, remove unnecessary scraper and attach a drawing of a stamp, and then move the picture on the nail. Then applied to securing stripped.

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