Звезды на открытии выставки легендарного модного дома

Frol Буримский, Ksenia Sobchak and Ulyana Sergeenko

In Moscow mansion Saltykov-Chertkov hosted a party in honor of the opening of the exhibition-installation of the fashion house of Chanel called Numeros Prives, which will be held in Moscow only until November 30. The main theme of the codes and symbols of the legendary French brand.

Guests of the event were Ksenia Sobchak, Renata Litvinova, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Natalia Ionova, Laura Джугелия, Natalya Goldenberg, Oksana He and other prominent guests. The guests demonstrated impeccable taste, dressed in traditional for the house, white, black and beige and selecting accessories brand, but someone could on the spot turn Mademoiselle”, “trying on” the legendary perfume.

SPLETNIK.RU invites you to take a virtual tour through the rooms of the exhibition-installation.

Now, each of the nine rooms on two floors of the mansion is devoted to the landmark object of the universe fashion house. Like Alice, visitors were in the Country of Miracles, where the materials, numbers, symbols, colors, appeared in a completely new light.

Through the curtain of pearl threads, resembling favorite beads Gabrielle Chanel, you find yourself in a room dedicated to the High jewelry art. Through the bars of the graceful cells просматриватся jewelry made of white gold and diamonds. The main art objects are created by the Mademoiselle, a star with a surprisingly big precious stones necklace with pendant in the form of infinity filled with white and black diamonds and suspension №5, which was on the Nicole Kidman on the filming about spirits-the legend.

You went to a gigantic library – Studio 7L Karl Lagerfeld, filled shelves from floor to ceiling. It sounds voice recording designer and were heard flash his camera.

The staircase to the second floor leads you into the makeshift children. It – toy facade of the famous house 31 rue Cambon, Paris and dolls, invented by Karl Lagerfeld in memory of Coco. The famous Frenchwoman in childhood did not play with dolls, she grew up in a shelter, and puppets were at that time very expensive.

Continuing his path, you will find yourself in a room dedicated to the твиду the material from which made the legendary brand jacket. Tweed stretched on a frame, like a canvas. The most famous models of classic jackets are presented on mannequins. And, by the way, you can touch.

The following room recreates the creative atmosphere, which are born brilliant pictures and designer creations Gabrielle Chanel: transparent cylinders are projected sketches Coco. By the way, they and today do not lose their relevance. Sketches Karl Lagerfeld are located nearby, on the wall.

In room Haute Couture, organizers tried воссаздать the situation of the apartment in the house of Chanel 31 rue Cambon, Paris. It is decorated with коромандельские screens in a series of mirrors reflected dresses – issued under glass or placed in the coffers, such as those used for delivery to customers Haute Couture. Some inlaid with stones, legendary model, fashion house created, you can even touch. You can also sit in a chair in the living room, Mademoiselle.

In the separate room – room number 13 – collected symbols and talismans Gabrielle Chanel – double SS, numbers 5, 19, 22. Figures-charms навешаны on a huge bag on the chain – a distinctive symbol of the fashion house. Here Golden мнекен depicting Coco, slowly spinning around its axis, watching. In room, vending machines, and you can play gamble beauty-game and if you’re lucky – pull package with a gift from the luxury brand.

Vintage sketches of ingredients that make up the legendary perfume Chanel №5 – part of the interior design of the next, the perfume of the room. Here you will see the first episode of the film about the history of the most famous classic fragrances.

The last room is the run of time, due to game of light and sound. On the walls – figures, like snowflakes, with lightning speed bumps before his eyes. The half – figure of the huge clock, reminding watch J12, fashion house created.

Светлана Бондарчук и Александр Терехов
Svetlana Bondarchuk and Alexander Terekhov

Мирослава Дума и Наталья алавердян
Miroslava Duma and Natalia Alaverdian

Елена Перминова
Elena Perminova

Алена Долецкая и Рената Литвинова
Alena Doletskaya, Renata Litvinova

Рената Литвинова

Бодарчук, Перминова, Литвинова, Мясникова, Дума
Svetlana Bondarchuk, Elena Perminova, Renata Litvinova, Elena Myasnikova, Miroslava Duma

Mikhail and Lily Идовы

Маргарита Лиева и Яна Валенсия
Margarita Lie and Yana Valencia

Елена Сотникова и Наталья Шкулева
Elena Sotnikova and Natalia shkuleva

Анна Чиповская
Anna Чиповская

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