Звездные пожелания сплетницам в Новом году

New year – the most wonderful time of year when all desires are fulfilled, global changes take place and highlight the correct priorities. A time when everyone can start life if not again, then with the new page. On the calendar already changed numbers, so starting from this very moment, you can begin to think and dream in new ways. And SPLETNIK.RU will try to help you in this.

Specially for gossips our stars have left their best wishes for the new year. Among them, the most important thing: love, sun, positive emotions and boundless inspiration. SPLETNIK.RU joins to all congratulations and wishes you to be beautiful and happy!  

Svetlana Khodchenkova, actress

Take care of yourself! And do not forget that you are a woman and not a housekeeper!

IDA Lolo, athlete, it-girl

I wish more emotions: sincere, lively, positive and not very not important. The main thing – to feel life!

Anastasia Romantsova, designer

I wish readers SPLETNIK.RU the sun, love, kindness, warmth, good luck, success and happiness.

Irina Chaikovskaya, columnist

More Santa clauses on new year Eve.

Kira Plastinina, designer

New year is one of my favorite holidays. I think new year’s Night is the moment when we can all start from scratch. Forget about something you do not want to remember and start doing what you really want and like. That is why I wish all of infinite inspiration in the New year’s desire to create and Express themselves.

Konstantin Gaidai, designer

My favorite gossip girl, and of course the edition itself SPLETNIK.RU! I wish you in the new year only pleasant and positive impressions – beautiful travel, dresses, handbags shoes, guys, mutual love, Goodies different health of course, the money wagon, Oh and guys! Let it be twice! Love you very much, even when cursing.

Vitaly Kozak

I wish the readers of love, harmony, self-sufficiency and abundance.

Milan Queen, TV presenter

Dear readers! I wish Your family and friends are healthy and happy. I wish You it was great to meet NG and that in the coming year found and got what they lack love, harmony, prosperity, friends, joy.

Ekaterina Odintsova, TV presenter

What can I wish readers Сплетника? I wish confidence and courage to go in this life my own way. If you want to do something, but do not dare due to the fact that people do not believe in your success – stop to listen to others and listen to yourself. And boldly embody the dreams. 

Karina Ошроева, journalist

I’m sure many wish readers SPLETNIK.RU be kinder. And I want each to be myself. If someone you want to get angry, to позлиться. If someone wants to do a thing, let them do it. There’s nothing wrong. Because so little пакостям, anger etc., some people achieving great successes. It is only through such obstacles. As a person who obstacles only and are needed to motivate, to me this is all very nice. Therefore, I would wish the people to stay on their own and not played anyone: neither good nor evil. Been what they are. Well, and a lot of happiness.

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