Звездный стиль: Пэрис Хилтон на пре-пати Grammy

Before the ceremony Grammy only a few days left, and therefore a series of loud parties, dedicated to the upcoming musical event in full swing. Recently, we studied the photos from the party, organized by the airline and now there are pictures from the party P.Diddy. One of the most discussed persons of the evening was Paris Hilton.

A star appeared at the event in a very candid plumage, and attracted attention of all the participants and tossed the occasion for conversation. Paris chose a black dress in the floor, embroidered with sequins. However, remember this dress in the first place, because it exposes the innermost parts of the body celebrity. The piquancy of the output of the stars of the reality show adds another fact that she appeared in public without underwear.

Well, Paris has always been famous for their ability to shock the audience, will guess that the famous блондика prepared for us directly at the ceremony Grammy.

пэрис хилтон на пре-пати grammy
Paris Hilton at the pre-Grammy party

пэрис хилтон на пре-пати grammy

пэрис хилтон на пре-пати grammy

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