подставка для педикюра складная фотоIn our time there are many types of pedicure. However, the variety of procedures should be accompanied by the professionalism of the masters, and convenience for our clients. Stand for pedicure is also compulsory, as the Barber chair at the beauty salon.

Stand for pedicure with their hands

Not a secret, that many masters of pedicure work at home. In this case the main factor in attracting and retaining customers is the level of skill of such a professional and quality tools for pedicure.

профессиональная подставка для педикюра фото

As a rule, such a wizard is a stand for a pedicure, made with their own hands or by the order of folk artists. This can be explained not only by the high price for similar equipment. As a rule, pedicure at home have a master, with years of experience. They know how it stand for pedicure will be useful both to the client and himself the master. Therefore, the custom made stand with the wishes of the wizard.

Modern beauty industry offers a huge variety of services. As a rule, come up with something new very difficult. Therefore, the list of services in almost all the salons of the same. So how do you win the customer, and make it permanent fixtures in the beauty salon?

подставка для педикюра кресло фото

This will help only the high level of services, quality of materials used, the level of staffing salon necessary equipment and the customer’s convenience. Only the combination of these components can ensure salon influx of new and established satisfied customers, even in conditions of high competition.

подставка для педикюра салон красоты фото

On the level of the cabin and his quest to win the customer to say many things. For example, whether the salon stand for pedicure or not, branded it or self-made, fixed or adjustable.

Understanding the importance of such details, retail network offers a huge range of supports for pedicure, both domestically made and imported. Offers footrest Chinese, Polish, Italian stand. And only the level of the salon will be able to determine what you need to buy.

Folding stand for pedicure

To specialist pedicure it easier ride to their customers, it is best to acquire or manufacture to order the folding stand for a pedicure. Such a footrest, as a rule, takes up little space, weighs only three pounds, easily folded.

However, the retail sector does not offer a large selection of folding stands. Therefore, the masters of pedicure, most often made of folding stand pedicure order.

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