витражный дизайн ногтей фотоStained glass nail design can be absolutely any color, combined with acrylic painting, contain mica or pieces of foil. The main thing is that the tip of the accreted nail shone the sun, creating the illusion of a beautiful stained glass.

витражный дизайн ногти фото

This design does not impose strict requirements as to the form of the nail. Owner Gothic almond-shaped or pipe show all beauty of stained glow thanks to the great length of the nail.

витражный маникюр фото

You can combine it with камуфлирующими gels that are visually lengthen your nails.

витражный маникюр ногти фото

Connection with the classic stained-glass window French manicure it will allow to achieve refined effect of colored glass on your nails.

витражный дизайн на ногтях фото

Good materials and delicate artistic taste of the master and skills in nail-design are the main ingredients of impeccable stained glass design of nails.

ногти витражный дизайн фото

Let’s try to understand how the creation of this miracle nail design.

We need:

  • Crystal tips. Brush for gel.
  • Stained glass gel. Sculptural Builder gel.
  • Rhinestones.

Any modelling work begins with the elimination of the natural luster of the natural nail plate. Then using the adhesive to the edge of the nail attach crystal tips.

Smooth boundary between the nail plate and типсой using nail high abrasiveness.

  • Apply a gel base.
  • Dry the gel in the UV lamp.
  • Proceed directly to the design.

Put the stained gels in deepening tips. Select the shades so that they visually harmonically. Pulling, creating figure.

маникюр витраж фото

If desired, each sector decorate rhinestones that either exactly match the tone of the gel, or are a complete contrast.

  • Dry the gel in the UV lamp.
  • Removing the adhesive that can give you the necessary form.

Your hands were the subject of art, are capable to cause the admiring glances of the passers-by who in a moment become your fans. And you feel like a Queen, capable of just one touch of delicate hands cause a storm of positive emotions.

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