весенний дизайн ногтей фотоEach season dictates its palette of colors in the nail decoration. Spring time – a time for renewal, a change from gray thawing snow, the bright greens and violence of paints. Spring range of varnishes quite wide. The soft pastel shades smoothly shimmer with rich and warm tones. After all, ahead of the summer – and there are no restrictions in choosing a design.

весна пастельные цвета фото

For spring nail design, this year is characterized by a natural, harmonious correlation with all the elements of the image of women. Very important combination of white and black, Burgundy and gold, red and white colors. Dairy and peach shades underlined the fragility and femininity.

весенний бежевый дизайн ногтей фото

But bright varnishes also play a significant role in spring design of nails. They will give your look slightly rebellious look, because in the spring of all requests updates, all disclaims boring winter depression.

яркий зеленый веснний дизайн фото

яркий желтый весенний дизайн фото

Floral prints it’s a classic spring nail design they create a cozy and romantic mood, calling us at least for the time forget about the routine and dive into the world of dreams.

весенний цветочный маникюр фото

And fans of aggressive style can stand out abstract pattern acid shade that will show their inner individuality and aspiration to freedom.

весенний дизайн фото

весенний маникюр фото

To become the owner of a charming spring nail design enough to have the basic skills and a set of varnishes and brushes for design.

  • Remove the old paint from the nails. Try to follow the rule that all varnishes and solvents should be from the same manufacturer.
  • Apply a base varnish, try to do it carefully, without leaving streaks. Cover the nail plate any light tone of the varnish. This is the background of your drawing.
  • While the base is not dry, apply a floral pattern. Choose a deep and contrast the basis of hue. Cover picture varnish. His tone should be close to the main ground. Using a thin brush and water-based paint, draw the outline of the flower. Choose any paint that will blend in with the main varnish. This can be black or purple color. But the choice depends on your taste and the feeling of shades. Fill in the petals of a water-based paint in the tone of a varnish. If desired cover the outline of a flower with the Golden or silver-plated paints. Apply the sticky layer.

Spring is the time of renewal, we change winter service, open the window and we let the warm spring air. And spring design disclaims cold shades of winter and bright tinsel and reproduces natural colours of nature.

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