hippie-style – flowing hair and thin plaits face. It’s simple, fast and in youth style. Such laying perfectly combined with clothes from fabrics with floral pattern.
  • If you lack patience or skill to recreate the spit of the crown around the head, can try the Lite version. Lay hair negligent waves tat two plaits from the crown and connect them back invisible.
  • Classical spit came out of fashion, it is still perfectly with objects and Bohemian style, and country-fashion. Nothing fancy and difficulties, whipping spit from my neck, and don’t leave even a tail. Fix the spit can fine rubber band, but you can leave a hair free, sprinkling varnish strong hold.
    • Owners of thick blond hair enjoy such a spit – luxurious and careless, but strong and confident. Free locks at the side of her face perfectly tousled look with a scythe, matted to the tip.
    • Spike-haired – alternative to traditional «malvīne» with a tail, gathered from the top of the mass of hair. This hairstyle looks elegant, but not boring.
    • Thin side of the spit into carelessly assembled hairpins the low beam is the image of a modern Lolita, gentle and innocent.
    • If you have thick long hair, you can submit them in the best possible way with a simple, but very interesting way of weaving the spit. Roll the hair in the vertical curls across the length and tat the horizontal spikelet.
    • A simple braid is possible to present a non-traditional way, if braid it, spinning the tug. Weaving can begin below the level of the neck and finish also, before reaching the ends of the hair.
    • Brush the hair, separate them parted in the middle and заплетайте thin spikes on each side, then continuing to weave them in a separate косичке. This is a very fashionable youth hairstyle.
    • Blonde hair with мелированием look beautiful, if braided in a luxurious thick shallow cone. Accuracy is not needed here, negligence and dynamism in the laying much more important.
    • The same applies to weave a simple spit – make it in a free manner, and on the bright hair it will sparkle, representing a light in the performance of youth hairstyle every day.
    • Medium length hair, too, can formalize the original with the help of weaving. Here not even need to assistant: a few movements of the fingers and free Kolosok summer style is ready.

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