спиральные плойкиSpiral curls look pretty good, as in high hair and flowing around the face. Celebrities often appear on the red carpet, showing beautiful spiral curls. To make a hairdo, is not required to be born with curly hair. Spiral Curling and a skill – that’s all there is to it.

What is spiral Curling

Spiral Curling is a tool for the warming hair styling used to create curls in the form of a spiral. Such curlers run on electricity, although there are portable models that run on batteries. Sometimes spiral rod Curling is a nozzle, which can be alternated with other orifices of different diameters, or even with the clip, which presses or straightens hair. The size of the curls will depend on the diameter of the spiral core, which do you use, the thinner the rod, the more elastic and small will curls.

It is necessary to take into account

Spiral Curling perform their intended purpose but there are certain points that will help you get better. For example, if you are not going to make African hair, your hair is shoulder-length, or below, because after Curling hair seem shorter. Although a step cut is optional, hair trimmed layers, are more suitable for spiral perms, hair than one length. As for texture, dense or пушащиеся hair is better spiral curls in place, although you can curl and thin hair. Use the spiral Curling only on dry hair. If the spiral curl your hair, or any other Curling, when they are still damp, in the best case, you’ll have a shapeless curls, and in the worst case you seriously damage the hair.


To use the spiral Curling don’t have to have straight hair. Even those who, by nature, wavy or curly hair can change the shape of their hair with the help of this tool. In fact, creating a spiral curls on already curly hair requires less effort. The perfect spiral curls, which appear in the celebrations those celebrities whose hair weave from nature, look so perfectly due to the use of the spiral Curling. You also do not necessarily use the Curling only one diameter. If your hair have medium length or long, you can do my hair with curls with different textures. Despite the fact that spiral Curling, usually thinner than usual, they are also available in different sizes. Curls created by using a thin and even more thin spiral rods, create a hairstyle that will look more natural than perfect curls of the same size.


If ordinary Curling irons are used for the establishment of free and flying waves, spiral Curling ideal for the creation of elastic, crisp curls. This is achieved using the grooves, which are located throughout the length of the rod Curling. Even if you are one to two times stroll fingers on кудрям after perming, the spiral form of curls remains pronounced, and they will even be linked with each other during the day. To curls were perfect, be sure to brush and untangle hair before styling.


If you do not want to risk the health of hair, buy spiral Curling irons with ceramic or турмалиновым coating. Old metal or chromeplated model, perhaps, are cheap but you literally will fry your hair whenever you use this with a Curling iron. In addition, if you spend on the Curling irons with ceramic or турмалиновым coating, it will produce negative ions, which will close the hair shaft and will retain moisture within the hair during a Perm. Regardless, Curling what type you use, protect hair from even the soft impact styling tool, causing the hair protective serum or spray every time when using a spiral with a Curling iron.

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