Every modern woman needs to monitor the health and appearance of the nail plate. Otherwise, you may immediately require a specialist in nails and then conservative treatment at home.

If the appearance of your own manicure leaves much to be desired, to solve the problems necessary to graduate. Diseases of the nails, as you know, is preceded by a number of pathogenic factors when Troubleshooting allow you to regain the beauty of nail plates. If time to go to the doctor, after detailed diagnosis and number of laboratory studies can figure out why suddenly got corrupted nails.

The reasons for the defeat of nails and effects

Nails closely interact with the world, so triggers can be the first to address the nail plate. To such external stimuli can be safely attributed to contact with household cleaning products or poor cosmetic, mechanical or chemical injury, obvious signs of seasonal beriberi.

This physiological factors problems with the nails, but also the defeat of the nail plate can eloquently testify to the presence of a serious disease. Without his treatment to return a flawless manicure is not possible, the main thing — to cure the root cause. You first need to check the status of the endocrine system, because it is possible extensive damage of the thyroid gland. Therefore, the defeat of nails are recommended to visit an endocrinologist to undergo ultrasonography “thyroid”. It turns out that this is one of the highly qualified experts whom you can safely treat problem nails.

If the disease the nail plate has the infectious nature, it could be a fungus. In this case, it will help the dermatologist that you want to not just visit, but take a lab study of the affected nail plate. To identify the fungal nature of the disease is required to study the patient’s fingernail: it appears the grooves, changing the color and structure, the nail plate splits and breaks easily. To confuse this disease is difficult, therefore, to delay the trip to a dermatologist is not recommended.

When nail fungus will also help the doctor mycologist — a specialist in the treatment of nails. First, he put the patient on the account, and after the diagnosis will begin to successful conservative therapy with corticosteroids, antifungal medications and even hormones. When responding to an external injury of the nail plate successful recovery occurs after 2 weeks.

If you have a problem of ingrown toenail, in this case only helps the surgeon. Of course, clinical picture, it is advisable not to bring to operation, but, as practice shows, the cases are different. First, it is necessary to consult a surgeon, where the technician will decide how to proceed, what methods of effective treatment to use. This may be a conservative therapy or surgical intervention with subsequent removal of ingrown nail plate. The operation itself is simple, but also requires a lengthy recovery period at home.

Hematologist — another narrow specialist who can convincingly explain why hurt your nails. It is not excluded that the impaired systemic circulation, resulting in the nail plate does not receive the required amount of oxygen-rich blood. In this case you need to treat the underlying disease, and the nails will eventually get healthy.

The patient should know, first, who do I contact with a patients problem nails, therapist (in children — pediatrician). This generalist will assume progressive disease, then you will be redirected to narrow the already specialist for further diagnosis strictly indicated. So the therapist is required to visit as pathological disturbances of the nail plate may not be.

Patients note

If the nails changed its color and shape, you must immediately contact the doctor. Disease infectious nature prone to further spread, so if delay will be ruined the whole manicure.

If you have specific symptoms, you can ask the manicure, which can also suggest the features of a pathological process. To make beauty to the hands is not recommended until the affected nail plate will not be fully restored.

Summing up, we can add that with the obvious problems with nails is required to immediately contact the following to narrow specialists for consultation: an endocrinologist, dermatologist, mycologist, a hematologist and, of course, do not forget to visit the local therapist.

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