испанский маникюрAll known restrained, romantic, and refined French manicure. But now replaced by the new Spanish. And what we know about Spain? It is a passion, hot men and charming women, explosion of colors and fiery temper. Spanish manicure completely corresponds to its name, is characterized by bright and saturated colors. All the secrets of this extraordinary technology will open the site Beauty-Hands.ru.

View of the Spanish manicure

Perhaps, you are already familiar with this option Neil design. Most likely, you even played on their ноготках, but did not know the exact name. Let us further consider the two major Spanish engineering design of nails.

  • The easiest and most common is a two – tone manicure. As the name implies, it uses two main tones, each of which covers half of the nail. There are also some nuances. For example, if you divide the nail vertically, you can visually extend it. Kosaya line also increases the length and makes the form nail more refined and elegant. But the Spanish manicure with horizontal separation slightly shortened the nail plate. We recommend this option for owners of real or artificial long nails.
  • Much effective looks pattern in a strip. The strip can be very thin or clear and uniform in size. In this case, can be used unlimited number of colors. But we recommend staying on three or four, to your manicure not dazzled the eyes. Surprisingly, but the Spaniards often use shades that barely fit together. Such a bold move allows to achieve extraordinary and fresh result.

Preparatory stage:

  1. Remove the varnish, which were covered with nails.
  2. With the help of scissors and nail files give nails in good shape. Spanish manicure harmonizes perfectly with rectangular and almond shape.

  3. Grinding nail file, remove the irregularities on the surface. This type of manicure is perfect for owners of thin and slightly cracked nails. Layers and color transitions visually thicken the plate and make the surface smooth.
  4. Here’s another little secret. Before applying colored varnish coat nail base. However, choose not familiar transparent basis, and buy milk or beige paint. Such a simple stroke allows you to achieve even more richness and depth of color.
  5. Next, you should choose the colors that you will use in your drawing. As we said above, their compatibility each other, you can not focus attention. The main criterion is the maximum brightness of the color.

испанский маникюр

Two-tone Spanish manicure

After preliminary preparation described above, colored lacquer cover half of the nail. If you confidently work with nail accessories, you can paint over the second half of varnish in a contrasting color with the brush.

If you are beginners wait for the drying of varnish caused first. Next, attach a special pattern or cut self-adhesive tape (can be normal tape), to draw a clear boundary between two halves. You can now safely fill in the nail is the second colored lacquer.

This manicure will be an excellent base for further painting. However, try not to overlap the resulting picture. Appropriate will look small patterns on the border of two halves, or at the tip of the claw. Also the joint of two colors can be further draw acrylic paint or cover sequins.

испанский маникюр

Spanish manicure with stripes

Beginners lovers nail art, we recommend limiting the three or four stripes of different colors, but with the same width. They can cover the nail, both vertically and horizontally. The techniques of their execution is the same as when the bi-manicure. If you are using stencils, then wait for the drying of each layer of lacquer before applying the next. Unusual looks, basing on each ноготке use a different direction strips. Drawing, made in one color, but in different techniques revitalize your manicure and прикует to it numerous views.

Spanish manicure with thin strips looks elegant and sophisticated. To run it, you may need to thin brush for painting. Replace them by cliches. First cover the nail base color, and after drying it colored lacquer. Using adhesive strips mark the boundaries of the future strips. Fill in the space formed varnish contrast hue. In this case, it is also appropriate to use multiple colors.

Striped fingernails painted might be unnecessary. However, if you do decide on such a move, replace the bright pastel shades of nail polishes. Ideal beige, pink, light green and sky blue.

Be sure to secure figure colourless varnish, it will extend the life of your masterpiece.

испанский маникюр

испанский маникюр

испанский маникюр

испанский маникюр

испанский маникюр

испанский маникюр

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