Salad, that in translation from Italian means «salt» is a cold vegetable dish prepared with addition of various ingredients and dressed with sauce. Custom cook salad appeared in the Middle ages by the Romans, who loved to mix the onion, garlic, mint and parsley, tucking all olive oil.

Often salads contain different herbs: green onion, celery, dill, coriander. Depending on the season, the ingredients can vary, and refill stay the same. There is also a warm salads, within which there is meat or fish. Dessert salads are made from fruits and tucked yoghurt or cream.

Овощной салатIn summer season when fresh organic vegetables are not hard to find, it’s time for the preparation of delicious Italian vegetable salads. The combination of Basil, tomatoes, tuna, cheese, pasta and olive oil gives a unique taste of Mediterranean salad, which serves both the cold and warm.

Recipe Italian salad with pasta

Necessary products:

  • pasta «butterfly» or other small pasta 320,
  • cherry tomatoes 250 g
  • mozzarella cheese 200g
  • canned tuna in oil 200g
  • olives 40,
  • pepper 40,
  • olive oil 50 g
  • Basil 20 leaflets.
  • Sol.

Boil water in a pot, add salt and add the pasta and cook until ready. Basil pick by hand on the average pieces. Chop the tomatoes cherry slices into 4 parts. Cheese and pepper cut into cubes, olives – rings and semirings.

Put in a deep dish, add canned tuna (oil drain), salt and dress with olive oil. Thoroughly mix all ingredients, sharing tuna into small pieces. Macaroni, drain, cool and add to the mixture. Once again, all mix well and serve.

As a beverage to salads, in structure of which there are herbs and pasta, it is advisable to not strongly flavored light white or rose wine.

Салат КапрезеOne of the most popular and favorite Italians salads recognized Caprese salad. This dish should try first arriving in Italy. The amazingly simple and colorful salad truly can be called a national, because the combination of colors used products so resembles the flag of Italy. Caprese invented in the South, on the island of Capri, where even today the famous salad is considered to be the local domain.

This salad is usually served as an appetizer before the main meal. He refers to the cold appetizers, Italian pronounced «antipasti». The ingredients in it, very little, but they must be of the highest quality, and best of authentic Italian, then you can bring your taste to the original.

Classic recipe Caprese

Necessary products:

  • large tomatoes 6 PCs
  • Mozzarella cheese 250 g
  • Basil.
  • pesto sauce 3 tbsp.

Cut the tomatoes rings thickness of about 0.5 cm cheese cut in half, then cut into rings. Next you need to alternating spread tomatoes and cheese on a plate, if desired between slices put Basil. At the end of the top pour the sauce pesto and middle garnish with Basil.

Pesto sauce cook very simple. To do this in a blender combine 125 g Parmesan cheese, 2 cloves garlic, 2 beam Basil leaves and 1/3 Cup pine nuts. All the ingredients of a whisk, gradually adding 0.5 cups of olive oil. The sauce is ready!

Italian salads help to diversify and decorate the table. Surprise your guests, prepared with fresh fragrant vegetable dishes to Italian recipes, and no one will remain indifferent.

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