Communication in the network carries a number of risks. Contacts can be positive or negative, as well as in real life. That’s just the fraudsters easier to hide in the maze of the Internet.

Psychologists say that virtual love has stronger feelings because a person may assign the object of their affection traits that he would like to see and gradually starts to believe in their reality. Feeling is enhanced inability to meet and enjoy physical contact, as partners are often separated from each other by thousands of kilometers. At break, by the way, partners feel the pain of not less strong than in the normal, real partings.

Мнимая любовьThere are a number of people who use special psychological techniques to involve the imaginary love, lure funds, playing on the feelings of your partner.

Many do not conceal their desires to enter into short-term relationships, place relevant ads. Or spoil the mood a variety of dirty hints. It’s so easy to hide behind an avatar, make false questionnaire and enjoy intrigues implementing their inclinations.

Many people are very active in using free Dating sites and so addicted socializing with them, that subsequently unable to adapt to real contacts.

There are also a number of people, who live in a world of fantasy, invent images and history, потчуя their interlocutors. And when forming unexpectedly perspective relations, it was difficult for him to maneuver out of their legends, which leads to the impossibility to continue the relationship in real life.

Желание познакомиться в интернтетеWomen are more trustworthy users, they set realistic goals to get acquainted with a man to form strong bonds of love. They are the special care of the make up their profiles, selecting the best pictures and believe every word.

Modern technological capabilities have enabled the party to online Dating sites to eliminate possible risks. To do this, people have resorted to the visual communication using a web camera. Such an approach provides the opportunity to fully enjoy the fellowship, to assess partner, however, the intrigue and mystery are lost. Such methods should be used, when the relationship has entered into a serious phase.

Explore the network should not deny the probability of success is equivalent opportunities to find true love in real life. Just have to remember about some of the risks and features of communication.

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