Just it is impossible to imagine our life without makeup – toothpaste, lotions, shampoos. But, choosing the stores cosmetic products and not having deep knowledge in chemistry, we pay attention only to the beautiful labels – shampoo that makes hair strong and lush» or scrubs, «deeply and gently purifying the skin and nothing telling us the names of chemical ingredients remain without attention.

And in fact, what we knew about the action of a high-efficiency emulsifier, anionic surfactant sodium lauryl sulphate SLS, which is included in the recipe almost all cleaning agents and foaming of cosmetic substances – shower gels, toothpastes, foams, if not the appearance of numerous publications in the press about the harmful effect of this substance on the skin, hair, nails, and human health in General.

So be dangerous devil, as he is painted?

Пав лаурилсульфат натрияSodium lauryl sulfate is the most popular, cheap and enables effective foaming surfactants, which included in virtually all domestic and imported detergents and cosmetics. Although the assurances of chemists, the creation of a black PR campaign for safe sodium lauryl sulphate is the work of the hands of competitors, who are the producers of natural cosmetics.

Conclusion foreign experts from a reputable organization CIR (Cosmetic Ingredients Review), which is a security-cosmetics ingredients, says that the use of двухпроцентного sodium lauryl sulphate, may cause irritation, increasing with the increase of its concentration and time of contact with the skin. Prolonged use of cosmetic products with by sodium lauryl sulfate leads to the accumulation in the cells of the epidermis, leading to disruption of the process of forming a protective barrier.

This means that with long-term use of Soaps, shampoos and shower gels containing sodium lauryl sulfate, You may have a skin dryness, peeling, hair loss, blackheads, dermatitis. Thus, truth, carcinogenic effects of sodium lauryl sulphate was not detected. Based on the results, the experts recognized the safe use of the substance in quickly смывающихся with skin detergents, however, limiting their use for people with acne, dermatitis, dry skin or hair loss.

Лауритсульфат в косметикеHowever, later in the press published the results of research conducted by the American College of toxicology, from which it follows that easily penetrates through the skin valium leads to a change in the protein composition of cells, the disruption of the structure of the hair follicles, hair loss, fragility of nails, impaired vision, dry skin and the appearance of cracks. But still it is not found among the prohibited ingredients in Russian sanitary standards and rules (SanPiN), EU directives and legislative documents of the United States and Japan.

More mild surfactants used in the production of children’s shampoo and foam (and even here add!), is sodium Laureth sulfate or SLES, derived from coconut oil.

What to do?

So how do you develop a decent harmless replacement SLS and SLES in cosmetology has not yet happened, and at their exclusion from the composition of cosmetic means there is a loss of their detergent qualities, an acceptable solution would be to use cosmetics with лауретсульфатом sodium, but followed by thorough rinsing with her skin and hair.

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