носки для педикюра фотоNew invention of Japanese scientists – socks pedicure. How to assure the creators of such socks can completely replace dust and pollen pedicure and make your heels soft and gentle as a baby.

Japanese socks for pedicure

These socks were invented in Japan, so the most famous brand socks pedicure Japanese, they are called BabyFoot. Socks promise to make your legs like a baby and save effect for a long time. They eliminate the corns, corns, took all the rough skin. In composition of active substances includes 17 natural components of plant and lactic acid. Contraindication for wearing socks is intolerance of any of them. Another popular Japanese brand socks Named ‘ SOSU’. They practically do not differ from the previous model. Have three types with different flavours – lavender, mint, and the rose.

педикюр носочки фото

Chinese socks for pedicure

The Chinese equivalent works exactly the same as the Japanese original socks. What’s the difference? Firstly, the price. The cost of the Japanese socks, about 1,500 rubles, Chinese can be found for 200. Secondly, it is a composition of the active substance. Chinese is much easier and poorer, hence increasing the exposure of the skin of the legs, Chinese socks should be worn longer and do more courses than Japanese. Different and quality, someone criticizes Chinese product, someone can’t see much of a difference. Reviews vary, but about the Japanese product more positive opinions, and Korean socks little more praise than Chinese.

носочки педикюр фото

Gel socks for pedicure

After using socks for pedicure advised to use the softer option to maintain the effect is gel socks. The most famous brand SilkyFoot costs about 1200 rubles. The gel are various oils, moisturizers your feet. Socks should be worn for about 3 times a week for half an hour. The package contains detailed instructions. These socks are also called silicone. The difference between them and those and others contain nourishing oil.

Instruction socks for pedicure

The use of such socks is very simple. Read the instructions specific to your носочкам, because each company, they are different. It is necessary to put on socks and let stand for 1 to 4 hours, depending on the manufacturer. Then simply wash your feet with soap. The effect is from 3 to 7 days. The skin starts to go the whole layers, but after a few days you will be perfectly smooth heel.

одноразовые носочки для педикюра фото

Disposable Slippers for pedicure

Such shoes can be used at home or pedicure salon. They are used for baths, saunas, pools or beauty salons. At home you can use them after wearing socks pedicure, skin faster updated and breathed.

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