Probably, in the world there is no girl who would not love beautiful manicures. Now came into Vogue nail art. . And many beauties are trying to master the technique of drawing. So you want to give a couple of tips for beginners.

Learn to depict simple pictures on the nails can any, even far from art, girl. The main thing to understand the technique and have patience.

But before you start to do nail-art, needs to provide tools and varnishes. So you may have? Firstly, the coating of a nail. Lucky is better to choose contrast, bright colors that would figure could be seen. Consistency is to select more liquid coating. This will allow easier master simple drawings nail varnish, but using the more dense funds beautiful pattern is unlikely to succeed.

In addition varnish brushes are necessary for drawing, preferably different in thickness, long needle. Of course, at first special instruments can be replaced with a toothpick, a match, sewing needle, but if you engage in nail-art seriously, it would be wise to acquire the instruments, as this will facilitate the work. As for the nail decoration you can buy rhinestones, микропыль (very small sequins) , бульонки, foil or even special running flowers. But at the first stage, a beginner’s quite enough of varnishes and special brushes.

Now we can proceed to drawing on the nails. Of course, the setting from the network, the Internet request to the pictures on the nails simple photo you can see a large number of masterpieces that make the nails wizard. But for beginners repeat something like difficult, and sometimes impossible. Therefore, further be considered the most simple drawings for a beginner nails.

The technique you first need to learn all those who start doing nail-art – work on the wet ground. For this purpose it is necessary to cover the nail pre-selected varnish and without letting it dry, begin to apply the picture. Beginners better to start with a simple image – flower.

First, you select two varnish: one will be the main color, and the second is useful for drawing, as well as to prepare a tool or a toothpick for formation of image. When you are ready to nail the applied varnish and until it is dry, put three points on a circle, after a short period of each other. Then you take the needle (floss) and is placed above one of the points.

Next you need to carefully spend a drop of lacquer, as though stretching her to the center of the nail. So to be done on all three drops. The final result is the petals of a flower, which would increase the similarity is recommended cent flower sticking point or бульонку. If anything under nother not, bright point made by another varnish will look very harmonious. The top figure is necessary to fix a transparent varnish.

Having mastered this technique of painting color, you can create more intricate paintings. So, for example, increasing the number of points of varnish from three to five, you can get elegant and unusual flowers. Another idea manicure using three points is the following. You need to put the drops on the nail on the diagonal and using a needle spread lacquer top to down, leading tool, as if drawing a figure of eight. After all the manipulations it will be an interesting sprig.

Those who have difficulty from the first to depict the figure should not be upset. There are generally elementary ideas for nail art. First to image using varnish. So, for example, on long nails can be visualized in the sun. To do this, cover the nail plate varnish, and until he was dry to put on the nail one point. Then from the centre drops pulling rays. The number of rays will be limited only by the desire to paint.

Another unusual looks figure in the form of legs of the animal. To do this, on the nail, already covered with a varnish put one big point and three small. Get a paw with three fingers. On one ноготке recommended one to two feet. If you want to portray more, we should do figure the maximum fine. Otherwise instead of a beautiful nail art work vulgar manicure.

In addition to conventional varnishes, beginners can make a drawing and beautiful manicures using, for example, микропыли or бульонок. With small sparkles (микропылью) traditionally do a French manicure, that is, cover only the tip of the nail. But with бульонками field for creativity very much. Some spread on nails whole masterpieces, and someone uses beads only for decoration, for example, middles for the flower. In any case, the main principle of work with микропылью, бульонками and other decorations – do not overdo it and observe moderation.

For those just learning nail-art, should pay attention to the foil and dried flowers. So foil usually do not cover fully the nail, but only a part, most often the free edge. The use of this material gives a manicure glamor and glitter. The use of the foil is perfect for those ladies who are going to the party.

But the colors look good on the nails young girls and give the image a certain tenderness. Yes and use ikebana easy. It is necessary to cover the nail varnish, it is better to choose crayon tones, but do not forget to focus on the shade of a flower. Then rearrange itself decoration and top, very carefully in order not to damage засушенное plant, apply a transparent varnish.

Here, in principle, and all the most simple options for nail art. Beginners to get hand, these ideas is quite enough, but in the process of improving skill can implement and more daring ideas. And for those who are very interested in drawing on the nails, it is recommended graduate courses on manicure, where the teacher is able to teach the interesting tricks nail art.

Learn drawing on the nails can any girl. Important not to be afraid and don’t throw classes at the first failures. Only practice and desire to help you learn how to make real masterpieces of nail art


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