простой дизайн ногтей полоски фотоMake a simple nail design house – what else can dream of a true fashionista? Create a small masterpiece on the nails can even aspiring young lady. To each manicure we selected the most successful photo.

простой дизайн ногтей цветные полоски фото

So, nails processed and prepared, we proceed to design. Let’s start with the eternal and the unforgettable French. The simplest is the classic French: short neat nails, beige or pale pink couch and white tip. Do not forget about transparent закрепителе. Form of the nail can be very diverse – round, square, triangular.

простой дизайн ногтей губкой фото

Add a little imagination and acrylic paints (don’t worry, the technology of their application is quite simple) and get a new unusual simple nail Polish. Most importantly, do not select complex compositions, which can’t handle yourself.

простой дизайн ногтей горошек фото

Popular and colour French manicure, often is a combination of colors.

Another simple manicure nail – newspaper. For it we need: bright opaque varnish, transparent varnish, a little alcohol. The well-seasoned basis of opaque light varnish put a little alcohol, and put on a piece of newspaper not much larger than a fingernail. Newspaper presses to the nail on полминуточки (it is impossible to move). Fix the transparent lacquer and admire.

простой дизайн ногтей френч фото

Fashionable in the season 2013 gradient manicure also easy to make at home. Need: varnishes desired shades (preferably not more than 2-3, equal texture and flat colors, thick paper, toothpicks or a wooden stick, nail Polish remover, sponge. The paper put on a stripe of each varnish, borders mix with the help of sticks. Presses sponge first to the sheet, then to the nail. Remove excess paint with skin, cover transparent protection. It turns out nice and tasteful.

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