простые причёскиYou have beautiful long hair, that wonderfully look when you wear them loose over her shoulders. In seconds they can collect on the back of the head. But come summer, and in hot days you not once visited the idea does not make short haircut to make you cooler. For those who value their hair, short hair-style – not the only way, which will help combat the heat. Simple hairstyle is also a great way to resolve the situation.


Sleek ponytail

Experiment with hairstyles summer can be quite difficult. You can just never go out of fashion sleek ponytail. It will give you the elegant look, and does not require any special concerns.

How to do: start washing your hair, apply a little несмываемого air conditioner, and then dry your hair so that they were direct. Brush the hair and tie them in a high pony tail with a rubber band, which blends in well with the color of your hair. To smooth all the irregularities, apply on hair little paint.


Sloppy site

This is one of the most loved girls simple summer hairstyles. It will give you a laid-back and relaxed type. Create a hairdo quite easy.

How to do. This hairstyle is definitely can be a solution when you have turned out to be «the day of unruly hair». Depending on where you want to make a knot, tie a high or low pony tail. Wrap around the base of the tail, and secure site hairpins. Comb with long thin handle pull away from the site a few strands. Was hairstyle, perfect for hot summer days.


Hairstyle Princess

You probably already surprised that this hairstyle was included in the list of simple. But throw away your doubts, because it only looks complex.

How to do. Divide the hair parted in the middle and braiding on both sides French braid. Tighten both ends of the COP in low node. Add to the hairstyle of the few free order and irregularities, and you’ll look like a fairy Princess. Make a hairdo for a romantic evening.


Ponytail on the side

This hairstyle will help you to easily look like a star, if you long hair. It’s a glamorous variant of customary cauda equina, which everybody likes.

How to do. Tie a tail so that he was closer to one side of your head than to its center (near the neck). Separate part of the hair near the outer edge of the eyebrows, before you tie the tail. If your hair is cut short layers, slay them back. Wrap the hair around the tail. Stick a flower in the hair behind the ear, and you are ready for the beach party, without any effort.



This simple summer hairstyle will be one of your favorite hairstyles you can do in minutes. All you need is a decorative elastic band for hair.

How to do. Tighten the hair into a low ponytail, slightly shifted from the center of the head. Attach the tail of a rubber band. Stretching out his hair through the gum in the last time, stop when you will pull quite a bit. You’ll have a node-loop. Your hair is ready.


A simple hairstyle of KOs

This hairstyle belongs to the category of hairstyles «half up, half down», but it may be slightly different from those hairstyles, which we used to see. Make a hairdo is very simple. In addition, one or more of these braids in her hair.

There are other spit like these, and they trudge one large and two smaller strands. However, these texture spit lagging a bit differently: a thin strand and two more thick strands.

What you need: a hair brush, comb with long thin handle three little hair elastics, one-two invisible and hair spray (optional).

Step by step instructions:

  • First, separate the upper part of the hair (on top) and зачешите her back. Make sure that on each ear remains not less than 2.5 centimeters hair, which should not be зачесывать ago.
  • Now braiding this part of the hair on the principle: two ordinary strands and a thin strand.
  • When you’re finished weave the scythe, then secure it with a rubber band, and pull the edges of a scythe in hand, to give it texture and form.
  • Now, take part the hair on the right side and braiding another uneven hair. Try to keep this part of the hair was the same size as the first one (not вплетайте in this scythe Tu strand of hair that was left front right ear).
  • When the spit will be ready, fasten the ends of it, and drag it to the side like you did with the first slash.
  • Now take two strands of hair over the ears, add a little hair left from the first spit, and заплетайте third spit on the left side. You have to throw Tu strand of hair that was left over the right ear, from the top through the first scythe. This will give braids a little extra texture, and makes it look original.
  • Braiding third spit and secure it with a rubber band. Drag the edge of the spit. If you want you can just braid three plaits, not shifted his hair with the right hand through the other two braids.

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