простые прически для длинных волосLong hair – La decoration of any woman, provided that they are healthy for them is the proper care and attention. Then they don’t have to cut off up to a short haircut, which remains the number one for lovers of comfort in everyday life because of the ease of installation. Without problems you can make very simple hairstyles for long hair but beautiful, feminine, elegant or provocative, that will not get bored owners flowing back curls.

Gentle romantic

The basis of this hairstyles – long straight hair, the beauty of which will be underlined in the best way. Divide the hair parted on the side, carefully comb. Collect the hair on the crown, with about one third of their total mass, secure crab, pushing back up. Take each side of the face thick side strand on the level above the ears, twist the strands, spinning in the direction from the person to connect them back just below the neck, locking barrette invisible man.

Remove the crab with the upper mass of hair and put them in a natural way, gently comb easy and secure with varnish. The tips can be a little twist cracked. This hairstyle is a great option for young romantic girls, it’s perfect for the summer, especially looks good with long dresses and skirts with floral prints.

Stylish negligence

Low side tail – hair simple and versatile, if to approach to its creation creatively. The tail may be smooth, and then he would look too strictly. For those looking for a hairstyle is not for office, and for friendly gatherings or litnyk parties, suitable for laying in youth style.

To give a straight hair freedom and defiance, you must first wash them and blow-dry, causing a light foam. Dry the hair брашингом, his head bowed down, spinning the tips in different directions, creating the effect of a disorderly natural styling. Then catch the hair of the neck to the side of it, secure the thin rubber band. To make the look more natural and stylish, close gum section of the tail, wrapping her several times. At the roots sprinkle hair lacquer easy fixation and can be sent to the party.

Freedom-loving Amazon

High tail do the same just as poor, but his fans are slightly lower. The reason of the special nature of this styling that is suitable only self-confident women, who are not afraid to show his power and charisma. If you’re one of them, you may like the hairstyle with long, luxurious high ponytail, which is very easy to do. The whole secret of the structure of this styling that it is created on long hair with a graduated haircut.

Hair should be screwed into the tongs of large diameter, focusing all attention on the tips that in the tail must disintegrate in different directions. Venture make a high ponytail, attach the rubber band, wrap it chunk of hair. In conclusion, sprinkle laying easy varnish from a distance of 20-25 cm in order to keep her. This simple hairstyle is suitable as an evening, and for every day.

Particularly striking, she looked with the shoulders. The stacks are suitable for the owners of the right oval shaped face, all the rest of it risks to emphasize not the best way.

Deceptive severity

The beam was a long time «Babushkina» hairdo, remaining outside attention stylists. In the new Millennium things have changed, and beams with joy are young women, and some of them don’t even realize how much daring maybe this hairstyle.

Divide the hair deep an oblique parting, gather all the weight on one hand, screw it in a messy bun and secure the metal invisible. On the other hand, you can leave one strand at a temple free to have a little balance asymmetry.

To make the low side of a beam need much more courage than to create low side of the tail. In this case, is created asymmetrical styling, and expressive volume of «growing» on one side only. Such a beam ideal girls with a narrow face, elegant area of the chin, without pronounced low cheekbones.

The triumph of volume

If you have very long hair, it is a great occasion to experiment with very large styling, suitable for both day and evening. If hair is not very long, you can use a hairpiece or overhead strands.

Tighten the hair in two volume tow, taking strands at the side of her face, at the level of the ears. Connect them with the total mass of hair, making sure they do not spin, and screw in one big bundle, leaving him his freedom. Make a bundle, wrapped a strand several times around itself in a spiral. Fix hairstyle hairpins.

This casual hairstyle looks very sexy, suitable for girls with large bright facial features without угловатостей.

Multiplication by three

One bunch – good, two – comfortable, three – way. For a summer day on the beach and is perfectly suitable extraordinary hairstyle in which the hair matched. Very interesting to look three low beam on the blonde hair, which draw attention to the structure of installation.

Divide your hair into three equal parts and each of them twist beam, invisible fixing. If desired, be made not three beam, and more randomly placing them in the lower zone of the head of the neck.

Нескучные weekdays

In English there is the concept of bad hair day, which refers to the day when the hair refuse laid, look dull and lifeless, or you just forgot the eve wash the head. However, go somewhere to lay them too, needed and what and invented a variety of hairstyles, suitable just for this case.

One example of such hairstyles – careless high beam, which is very natural to look at the curly hair. It will be a real salvation image on the summer outing, when it is very hot, in a holiday cruise on the beach. To make this look more interesting, you can wrap the base beam of bright silk handkerchief.

Stylish knots

Pony tail can be interpreted in different ways, and not only by varying its height and volume. Simple and ingenious hairstyle every day – a sleek ponytail, which the entire length of the intercepted knots of own hair. To hairstyle looked flawless, hair should be carefully straighten and smooth hands and light oil, styling cream or serum to Shine.

The advantage of this hairstyle is that it can be worn to the office and to the party.

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