короткие стрижкиShort haircuts in Vogue in those days, when women began to strive for equality, and became a sort of symbol of female independence and freedom, the right to be the way you want to be. And still in short haircut is seen something rebellious – often women cut their hair short to note, consciously or not, the transition to a new stage in life. Maybe so difficult decision to make a short cut that is why – not because they strongly changed her appearance.


What women wear their hair short?

First of all, those that don’t tie their feminine appeal with long hair. This can be representatives of different age groups, but always ready to regular visits to the salon, and not haircut every six months. Without exception, all short female haircuts require keep in shape. Hair naturally grow back in a month for about 1-1,5 cm, if you ignore it, the hair will lose form and will look messy. Special attention is to be creative short female haircuts, providing asymmetry, the combination of ultrashort zones elongated, where maintenance contrast, for the sake of effect, sometimes twice a month. But the world of short women’s haircut is quite diverse, to choose accurately their individual form, which will add the image and make it a daily care burdensome event.

Options with short haircuts for women largely depend on the type of hair, which dictates the need for a haircut moderately or very briefly. Many women disclaims romantic curls of hair from the subtle nature, inclined to the cross-section, do not keep a laying, require a lot of time washing, drying, care and styling. If hair and look painful in the long version, it is better to opt for a stylish Bob. «Cap» – womens universal short hair, which can take different forms, depending on the database, which was created by stylist. This is somewhat outdated name, which were common in hairdressing the post-Soviet space. However, it is perfectly reflects the concept of a form that if repeats the shape of the cap on his head, covering the top of his head, parietal area and neck, down to her neck, stopping higher or lower, depending on the client’s personal preferences and physical data.

Womens short haircut Bob – nothing like «cap and its multiple interpretations with the inclusion of calibration, cutting, rounding or tearing the tips, with bangs or without it. Bob can find almost any person – these model short hairstyles for women are an inexhaustible source to create a set of images. So it would not be erroneous assertion that short haircuts chosen by those who value practical, but also with a minimum length is willing and able to experiment, changing beyond recognition.



Bob is the most popular of short haircuts (by the way, Bob medium length too long ago and firmly established in the trendy mainstream). Having opted for a bean, you can not worry about your hair ever become irrelevant over time Bob changes, but never goes out of fashion.

Short Bob appeared during the First world war, when women began to enter the labour market. They no longer had the time to lay the long hair in a sophisticated updo.

Classic short Bob is ideal for fine and medium straight hair. If you have curly hair, consult with the master before doing a short haircut. Short Bob the curls can be great, but only if it is made with consideration of the peculiarities of the hair texture.



Pixie is extreme for most decisive girls. Very short hair gives a unique charm and ease, but she doesn’t fit all. Pixie looks great on small girls with face oval and correct, medium-sized facial features. High girls, with very few exceptions, pixie not perfect – they need more long hair to balance the image.

In addition, pixie fully opens the face, demanding considerable confidence.

Otherwise, pixie has lots of advantages – hair dry quickly, fit for a few minutes, require minimum maintenance.

There are many different variations of pixie. Smooth and torn haircuts, hair, length of 7-8 cm, or short – changing their way are a number of ways. Styling options, too many peaks can be neat business hairdo, or a mysterious and romantic and daring and creative.


Advantages and disadvantages of short haircuts

  • Minimum time of laying. Short haircut is ideal for those who work a lot and little sleep, and who do not want to get up early to spend the extra half-hour front of the mirror. With short hair in the morning you can just take a shower, the hair dry while you have Breakfast, you can put them on the run – a few drops of styling pair of movements of the hands, and laying ready.
  • Less femininity. Of course, all very relative and argue about tastes become meaningless, but all the same long hair are common sign of femininity, and therefore considered to be more attractive are the results of the polling of readers of various men’s magazines. However, when choosing a hairstyle better to focus on men’s tastes, and to their own preferences. If you like the feel feminine in the traditional sense, I guess you are one should not part with long hair.
  • To get rid of boring colors. If you dyed hair color that you are not completely satisfied, you have two ways. It can be tinted hair in a more suitable color – but it is fraught with corruption hair, especially if you aspire to radical changes. And it is possible to make a short cut, and you will grow very quickly hair its natural color.
  • The possibility of inserting limited. In General, short haircuts there are two main types of packing: neat smooth his hair or casually disheveled. You can do various проборы, or put the hair bristling, but based on just two principles. All your gum, hair and tape you won’t need as soon as you make a short cut.
  • Short haircuts are not for everyone. Go to the mirror and зачешите all the hair back. If you make a short cut, that you see now will be on the mind constantly. You will be comfortable with, or you are more inclined to partially hide their facial hair?
  • Time and money. To short hair looked good, it must be regularly refreshing, so you’ll have to spend the time and money to go to the hairdresser about every 6-8 weeks, and if the hair is growing quickly or you very short hair – more often.


How to choose a short haircut

Short hair perfect oval face – in General, the ideal shape of the face is suitable for almost all.

If you have a round face, choose a haircut, creating a volume on the top, it has the shape of a person. You can also make Bob length few inches below the jaw – it visually lengthen the face. Such Bob suit, and the owner of the face of the square form – he will focus on the eyes, and divert attention from the jaw line.

Elongated face need a haircut, creates volume on the sides. On the top, on the contrary, should be a minimum amount not to extrude face even stronger. Short torn grooming give the face additional volume and soften features.

In General, the choice of a short haircut, take into account many nuances, except for the shape of the face. If you want to make a short cut, go to the hairdresser, that you trust, and ask him what kind of short hairstyle suits you.

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