"Шерлок" с Бенедиктом Камбербэтчем вернется уже 1 января

Groupies Benedict Камбербэтча can rejoice: BBC confirmed release date the next series a popular series “Sherlock”. The world premiere is scheduled on the first day of the New year – 1.01.2014. In America premiere will take place a few weeks later – on January 19.

Today on the streets of London drove the hearse, which sported a release date of the new season and the inscription “Sherlock alive” – so fans of the series, and we learned of the good news, which was later confirmed by representatives of the air force. The choice of a means of transport is easily explained: the first episode of the season is called The Empty Hearse (“Empty hearse”).

Recall that the “Sherlock” first came out in 2010, the new season will be the third.

Martin Freeman and Benedict Камбербэтч in the TV series “Sherlock”

Бенедикт Камбербэтч

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